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   As the weather becomes (a little) warmer and sometimes much more humid in summer, especially if you're going away on your hols, keeping your mane tamed can be a hard task - Particularly if, like me, your hair can get quite poofy after drying it. Therefore I thought I would offer some tips and tricks to dealing with your hair in the summer, plus some hairstyles which I've been sporting recently! I'll begin with some products that I love to use all year round, but I especially love using during the summertime. 

   First off I have my usual hair brushes, including a simple backcombing brush which you can get cheaply from places like Primark, as well as a Tangle Teezer which is my current hair lifesaver. The backcombing brush, as the name suggests, is great for backcombing the roots gently when I need to give the top of my head some volume, especially if my hair goes a little flat due to straightening or curling. The Tangle Teezer on the other hand is a great all-rounder for me. My hair has been getting very knotty lately and this seems much more gentle on my hair rather than a standard bristle brush - As I want to keep my hair in the best condition.

   A product I love to apply on wet or dry is BLEACH London's Split Fix Serum. This is quite an oily consistency but smooths out the ends of my hair when they go slightly frizzy from heat, or smoothing any flyaways at the roots. Running this through your hair at the end of curling is also beneficial as it makes my hair a lot softer, and gives shine making it seem much healthier too.

   So it's not really a beauty product as such, but hair accessories are also a summer saviour. All of these are from New Look and are featured in the hairstyles later on in the post! Floral bobbles like these can add a pretty touch to a simple hairstyle, and look summery with any outfit. I also think scrunchies are super cute in summer, and this one below is made from a really thin material so it doesn't feel too heavy in your hair either.

   Ok, I promise this post isn't sponsored by VO5 or anything, it's just when gathering my favourite products for this post it turned out that I kinda like them as a brand. The most obvious thing for your hair is a good heat protectant, especially when dealing with hot hair tools. You can use this Heat Protect Styling Spray on either wet or dry hair, and with it being really light, it doesn't feel like my hair is being covered in product. The same goes for their hairspray, as with a light spritz my curls can last a good long time. Plus this stuff is also weather resistant, so if the UK decides to change it's mind midday as per, and go from sunny to showers, then you're all sorted. Here I thought I would also throw in this Plump It Up spray which I like to use for texture and styling when I don't want to use any hot tools - Or even after straightening to give my hair some life.

P.S. I also want to mention a leave in conditioner which I forgot to photograph. The one I like to use is the Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream; which comes in a spray form making it super easy to use after washing your hair and leaving in to give dry hair some extra conditioning. 

   The hot tools I've been mentioning are here as my go-to tools when styling my locks. I have some basic GHD Straighteners that I've had for years, as well as a Waving Wand from Nicky Clarke that I got from Debenhams for only £20. This curling wand in particular is great when I want waves to last, as I'll sometimes curl my hair with this the night before so I begin to resemble Annie, and then sleep on them so they're much softer and beachy in the morning.


   Every summer I'll always find a new variation to wear braids or plaits in my hair, and when prepping for this post I was originally going to do two simple French braids to get all of the hair up and out of the way. However, half way through I thought it might be nice to end the braid a quarter way down the head and finish the braid down - Leaving the rest of my hair down at the back. I then secured each braid with a small elastic band (I usually get mine from Boots) and then took another to join the two braids together at the back of my head. To finish I pulled out the braids slightly to make them seem thicker / messier, as well as adding a cute little bow clip from H&M to hide the elastic bands. For this I would then tie all of the hair up into a ponytail.

   The next hairstyle I wear quite a lot when I want to change up my hair after having it simply down for so long. I take the hair from the crown of my head and tie this into a ponytail or top knot bun with a bobble. Here I then utilised those floral bobbles and added them for a pretty, boho look. I actually did a variation of this with a ponytail last summer as well, inspired by the lovely Lou Teasdale, and wrote a post on it here if you wish to check it out in a little more detail.

   And don't forget, the simplest hair accessory in summer is probably my sunglasses! Since I have a full fringe (that grows out way too quickly) sometimes I need it pinned back when my bobby pins mysteriously disappear, and so my sunnies are the next best thing. These were purchased recently from Topshop and I love them! These, with a top knot and the VO5 Plump It Up spray is a go-to look for me when I'm being a little lazy with my hair.

   I also just wanted to mention a simple ponytail in this post, and I know what you're thinking, "hey Meg, we're not stupid." But I still wanted to include this as a quick way of scraping your hair back in summer. I don't really have a particular technique for this, simply scrape up with a bobble, and then using my New Look scrunchie here to jazz it up. Very 90s of me, I know. Plus I had wavy hair already from curling with my straighteners, so it worked out rather nicely.





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