Since my last Netflix Picks went down quite well last time HERE, I thought I had enough recommendations to share with you all some more TV shows and films that I've been loving recently over July. Plus, now that I've finished college for the year, I have plenty of time to catch up on my 'Watch List.' (which is both satisfying and dangerous)

T H E   U . S .   O F F I C E

   Ok, my all-time favourite show, like ever. And that's a definitive statement. I've watched all 9 seasons at least 4 times over, simply because the jokes never get old, I still cry at the last episode and I love the characters more and more every time I started season 1 again. I actually watched this before the UK version, but for some reason I just can't compare it anymore, as Steve Carell / Rainn Wilson  / Brian Baumgartner (basically everyone) is just beyond hilarious. Even if you don't like the first few episodes, stick with it! You won't regret it.

B I L L Y   M A D I S O N

   I've seen this film a few times in the past, and Adam Sandler always makes me laugh in this film, as he plays Billy Madison (obvs) who has to go back to school in order to inherit his father's business empire. I'd say this is a really 'easy watch,' it's a simple term, but it is. If you're looking for a laugh then check this film out! When I was watching this the other day my brother was shocked that he'd never seen this before (as he's a bit of an Adam Sandler fan I think) and within 10 mins he was giggling away.

H A P P Y   G I L M O R E

   For some reason I always used to confuse Happy Gilmore with Billy Madison, purely because Adam Sandler is in both - Plus I've just realised they were brought out the same year as well. If I'm honest I probably prefer Billy Madison, but it is a close call. Both never fail to make me laugh and are definitely feel-good-films. However here Adam Sandler plays Happy Gilmore (surprise, surprise) and has to compete in a golfing tournament in order to get the money to buy back his grandmother's house. It sounds really boring and sentimental, but it's honestly not.


   Now going back further to the 80s, I have a good ol' teen movie; which at first glance I thought was going to be a romance, cutesy drama, but oh how I was wrong. It turns out now after Googling it that this film is in fact a black comedy, which explains so much right now. I won't give away too many spoilers, but Winona Ryder plays Veronica who's in a poisonous clique in high school - Until J.D. (played by Christian Slater) changes that. Just trust me and give it a watch. It was so weird that at first I didn't know whether I was enjoying it, but I guess I would watch it again since I had a strange attraction to J.D.

S A Y   A N Y T H I N G

   A film that I actually knew was a classic rom-com is this lil' goody here. I've heard / seen of the iconic boom box scene so many times in the past, and finally I've witnessed one of the most known love stories in cinematic history. I did watch this a while ago now, but I remember thinking that I was going to love this film from the first frame. In fact, I may watch this again tonight, typing this is out is making me want to refresh my memory of this film. But basically it's kind of an 'opposites attract' love story, and I'm sure John Cusack made many teen girls swoon in the 90s.


   Finally I have a personal childhood classic for me, as this was a film I would always choose when going to the video shop when I was younger (Who remember's those?!) Yes, it may be for children, but you're never too old for a good cartoon movie musical - Who's with me? In this the princess Anastasia is left a missing orphan after the Russian royal family are attacked. It's then throughout the movie that now 'Anya' is trying to find her true family and where she belongs. How sweet, aw. And of course there's a happy ending!

Well I hope that's enough to tire you over, and I'll be sure to keep track of my Netflix and let you know of any new recommendations for next time!


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  1. I love Anastasia :) Probably one of my favourite films when I was little!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

    1. Me too, I completely forgot this film existed as well!

      Meg ♡