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   Since purchasing my first Lush order 2 years ago, I've been an avid fan of the brand and have purchased and tried an array of products, some of which I've purchased more than once over the years. If you don't know who Lush are, then they are a company who make fresh, vegetarian-friendly cosmetic products, from bath bombs to eye shadow pigments - And I also love their campaign to fight animal testing, as they're one of the few beauty brands who do nowadays. As for the products themselves, I've grown to love and re-use a selected few products; which I thought I would share with you as my holy grails from Lush.

TEA TREE WATER // £4.25 (100g) or £7.95 (250g)

   This is essentially a toner which you use after cleansing your face, but before you moisturise. I've been using this every morning and night for a few months now, and whenever I re-purchase this product I'm just reminded why I love it so much. The spritz form makes it easy to use as I apply this to a cotton pad and wipe all over my skin. The tea tree makes a great antibacterial as well as helping with my oily skin and feeling lovely and refreshing in the morning. I'll usually buy the larger bottle of this as I find it lasts a good couple of months, I'd say 6 months at least, but if you're interest in Lush skincare I would definitely recommend this as your first buy!

HAPPY HIPPY SHOWER GEL // £3.75 (100g), £7.50 (250g), £11.95 (500g)

   After trying out quite a lot of Lush's shower gels, I made the decision that this is my all time favourite! The Happy Hippy gel (first of all, the name!) has such an amazing light, fruity scent with grapefruit and bergamot oil, and it's particularly great for summer when you want that refreshing shower scent and feel. I've only ever had the smallest bottles, but they seem to last at least a month as I find that a little goes a long way with Lush shower gels, and they lather up quite quickly. One day I will take the plunge and buy the largest bottle, I feel that I could commit to that.


   I didn't realise that this product was seen as something of a 'beauty blogger cult product' until now, but from the first use I fell in love with this stuff. It's quite an unusual concept, as it's basically a conditioner for your skin, so after shaving my legs I'll apply this and leave it on for a few minutes. Then after rinsing off it leaves your skin so soft! It leaves a kinda moisturised-feeling residue on your skin which lasts over a few days. Now apparently this is meant to have a rose scent, but I don't find that at all, in fact I love it because of the sweet, almond-y scent that it leaves on my skin. I know it may be a little more on the pricey side, but I would definitely recommend this, especially if you suffer from shaving rash sometimes - As I find that it soothes my skin of that horrible stinging feeling (Girls, you get me?)

LIP SCRUB // £5.50

   And finally I have an infamous Lush product, their lip scrubs. Now altogether they have three flavours: Mint Julips, Bubblegum and Popcorn, but personally I don't like Popcorn as it tasted salty when I tried it in store. My favourite out of these is the Mint Julips, as you can see here from the little amount left in the pot, as the peppermint oil in this makes it taste of mint choc-chip and feels super fresh. If you have no idea what this is, then you basically use it if you suffer from dry lips, so I find this particularly useful before applying matte lipsticks or during the winter months. You apply this and scrub with your finger, and then eat whatever's left; which is why I'm quite picky with these flavours.

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  1. I haven't tried lush yet, but I'm really interested in the lip scrub!


    1. I'd recommend the scrub, it's such a cult beauty product!

      Meg ♡