Moving into 2015, YouTube is kinda taking over and becoming more popular than ever. Even when I'm at college I see guys watching YouTubers; which is strange because YouTube for me and my friends in school was something that was never talked about, with the preconceived notion of YouTube being 'nerdy' and not having the hype it has today. But as an avid fan of YouTube, I've come to find some favourites that I thought I would share with you so you can check them out and watch them for yourself! (Bear in mind, most of these people you probably do know, I just thought I'd include them anyways)

Lily Melrose //

   Probably my favourite YouTuber / Blogger, Lily is always a fashion and beauty inspiration for me, and even on this blog I've mentioned her so many times through different recommendations. Whenever I comment on her videos she's also lovely enough to comment back which is a really nice feeling, thinking that someone who you look up to still has the time to respond back. Despite the age different between us, I feel like we could be best friends and borrow each other's clothes (or I'd just borrow her clothes anyway)

   The next lovely lady is Helen, former Helen MelonLady on Youtube. I mainly love her because of her fashion and hair, she loves the edgy style which I'm really in to, and her confidence is just something I think we all need most of the time. 

   Recently I've been loving Joe's vlogs, and despite the on-running joke of him not being a daily vlogger, I still wait for his daily upload. I'm not usually a big daily vlogger person, but Joe's are an exception, I find them hilarious and loved the American vlogs when he went to Coachella this year (totally not jealous Joe, don't worry)

   A.K.A Sammi Maria is also another lady who, like Lily, I love as both a YouTuber and Blogger. Like Lily I also love her style, these monochrome ladies know me, and whenever I watch Sammi's videos there's always something I want that she's wearing - Plus I'm in love with Riley her French Bulldog, he's ridiculously cute.

   Changing it up a little here, Will is more of your artsy YouTuber, and creates some stunning videos with the quirky cinematography and sound - He really is inspiring as a filmmaker. I also love that despite some of his videos being so short, it's clear that so much work has been put into them. Seriously check out his channel if you're into the indie, chilled vibe.

   I did want to try and keep the list to 5 YouTubers, since my OCD was kickin' in, but I just couldn't go without mentioning this amazing lady. She's only a small-ish YouTuber, but this Aussie gal has me in stitches whenever I watch her videos. She does do a bit of a beauty, but also some tag and chatty videos too. Hannah has an amazing personality and she really does deserve more subscribers, plus she's an avid fan of Parks and Recreation, so I love her even more!



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