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   I was looking through some old blog pictures the other week and noticed these of Lush's Butterball Bath Bomb. It was then I realised that I actually never posted this on to my blog, and so I thought I would try and write lil' review on this as it's one of Lush's classic bath bombs. The Butterball is something I've tried a few times in the past, and is a bath bomb I will always turn to as an 'everyday' kinda bath bomb, as it isn't seasonal and is something that is sold all year round at Lush. The appearance of this is a classic, simple white colour, with some smaller pieces of cocoa butter inside. And so when this dissolves under water, the pieces melt into an oil and leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smelling amazing! The scent itself is quite sweet, but not too overpowering, so it's popular among most people. Apparently the Ylang Ylang oil is also beneficial as it's used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, panic and fear as it relaxes the nervous system. I must admit, whenever I use any bath bomb from Lush it's usually to de-stress or as part of a pamper evening, so a bath bomb like this is perfect with a bubble bath like Lush's 'It's Raining Men.' Overall, I'd recommend this bath bomb to any beginners of Lush, as it's appealing scent and simplistic nature makes it one of the most popular products from Lush still to this day - Plus as one of the cheapest at only £2.65, what's not to like?


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  1. I'd love to try this bath bomb!
    Peace xo

    1. I'd recommend it! It's a beaut :)

      Meg ♡