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   Sometimes in life when making a purchase online, we are graced with the fortune of free samples, and if it's free, I ain't complaining. Over the past few months I've accumulated a few little samples of a range of different products and brands, and I thought I would share a few thoughts on these and whether I would purchase the actual product itself...


   I had my first chai experience at Costa when ordering a chai caramel latte, and immediately I wondered why I hadn't tried this before - As recently I've been obsessed with cinnamon! However when trying chai as a tea, not a latte, the spices are much warmer but I would prefer a latte in this case, despite the spices not being too overpowering. I had this with milk and honey, and thought about adding some extra cinnamon, but soon found out that there was no need for it. I also left the tea bag to brew for a few minutes, so I would definitely recommend this as a 'pamper' tea, perfect for those pamper nights (like the post I made recently here #blogplug) Overall I would but this tea again, as the brand also seems eco-friendly with their biodegradable tea bags, which looked so pretty but sadly I forgot to snap that for you.


   Now before I got this sample, I did already have the full version of this product, so I would probably recommend this if you're looking for a loose setting powder. But I do love how you get a brush with this sample which is a nice little extra. The product itself definitely minimises pores and reduces shine on my t-zone, but it doesn't last as long as my other pressed powders, like my MAC Studio Fix Powder. With this as well, the powder seems quite orange in colour, however this doesn't really transfer as orange-y as you may think - As I can still use this, and I'm extremely pale!


   In the past I've tried this brand of moisturisers, but it was the one for oily / combination skin in the mint green bottle. However this yellow-toned moisturiser is meant for normal skin, and so I wasn't sure whether I would get on with this or not. I must say it is a little thicker than the green one, yet it's not too thick before applying make-up in the morning. Although like the other one I've tried, a little goes a long way with this, and since it's so cheap this would be a great drugstore moisturiser to consider - Especially if you're young and don't need anything too heavy duty. As for the scent of this product, it didn't really have a specific smell when I first tried it, it was more of just a typical body cream smell - But wasn't too overpowering either. 


   If I'm honest, I was hesitant to even try this product as in the past with BB creams I found them far too orange for my pale complexion. But I thought, "hey let's give this a go," and sadly I was proved right yet again - BB creams are not my thing. Despite being the lightest shade, it was still too orange for me so I wouldn't buy the full version on a personal level. However I must say the consistency was quite thin and light, but somehow managed to give me a medium coverage when built up. If you do have more of a tan than I probably would recommend this product, especially since the application was so quick and easy, plus there was no distinct smell which is always a bonus for me.


   Personally I've never tried any of Benefit's skincare range, and this being my first impression I must say I did like it, but would probably not buy the full version since it's quite overpriced. Unlike the Garnier moistusier, it's much thicker in consistency, and so I found myself using this before bed most nights as a kind of overnight mask to really hydrate the skin. Since I also have quite oily skin sometimes, I didn't think this would be right for the mornings before applying my make-up. But for quite dry skin I probably would recommend this as it did what was promised: totally moisturised.

Thank you for reading, and if I ever get any more samples in the future, I'll be sure to come back and share my thoughts!


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