It's rather saddening to write this post, as I know I don't have any more gigs to look forward to now until I can book another - So it's safe to say the post-gig depression is hitting hard. I've probably said this already in another music post, but I just love going to hear live music, the whole is experience is amazing and if you've never been to a gig or concert before (whether it be in an arena or a smaller venue) you're seriously missing out. But back onto my 5SOS experience, this week I went to see the Aussie band at the Manchester Phones 4 U Arena, and sadly we couldn't go out beforehand since it was a college day - Although we did go for a post-gig maccies afterwards, oh those mozzarella bites.

   As for the gig, the support act 'Hey Violet' weren't really my cup of tea, very stereotypically British of me I know. But they just seemed a bit too 'Disney' for me, even though they don't look at all like it. Anyway, onto the main act. I first saw this band a few years ago when they supported One Direction; which I did write a post about here, and since then I've been loving 5 Seconds of Summer. Their set list was a great mix of old favourites like 'Out of My Limit' and some newbies which haven't been officially released yet, plus some of my own personal favourites like 'Disconnected' and 'Wrapped Around Your Finger' (p.s. the guitar solo on that was incredible, bravo Michael Clifford) Each member of the band also had their own little time to shine with a solo, although there wasn't too much focus on the drums which is my total fave, and not just because of Ashton Irwin... I must say, as a band 5SOS do keep up the energy with their shows, and as a member of the audience it certainly radiated back.

   When looking around at the audience, I found that there wasn't huge squads of teenage fangirls, in fact there were teenage guys around the same age as me, and even parents taking their children (who in fact were boys and girls) so the audience seemed pretty mixed that night. By the end of the gig 5SOS had successfully managed to turn me back into my 14 year-old self, jumping around like an idiot for two hours and managing to turn red in the face: Mission complete.

   Overall, an energetic, fun night where I could forget about the hour and a half English lesson I had the next day. So thank you 5 Seconds of Summer (including everyone behind the scenes) it was awesome. If I ever get the chance to, then I would definitely go to see these guys again, hopefully soon though as I don't think I can go without a gig in my life for too long.


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