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   It had been a while since I had actually took the time to have a lil' pamper night, and since it had been a busy week and the thought of universities were stressing me out, I decided to take a few hours and de-stress with a Lush bath and more episodes of OITNB. Before I popped into the bath I first painted my nails very quickly with the Maybelline SuperStay Gel Color in 490 Hot Salsa, starting with just one coat which is enough, but later going over it again with another just because I had the time. After my nails are dry I also like to use the Soap & Glory Hand Food just to moisturise my hands, and this little bottle is great for convenience. I then took my make up off using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water; which I've been using for months now and find that it always lasts a good long time before I have to re-purchase. I also like to use two small cotton pads for my eyes and then a larger cotton pad for the rest of my face, and find this takes my make up off really easily and quickly. Oh, and just to keep my hair back I always wear this spiffing pink hairband-thing that I've had for years and years (I think it was from Boots) but I find that it's great when doing my make up and skincare routine - Especially since I now have a full fringe!

   After that I then started to run my bath, and thought I would mix some of the Soap & Glory The Daily Soothe for some bubbles. I got this for my birthday last year and love using this for a pamper bath, as it's basically a 'bath float' so it's much thicker than a normal bubble bath and smells like my favourite Mist You Madly Soap & Glory scent. With this I then used my Lush Floating Island bath melt for a lovely soothing, sweet scent that left my skin feeling moisturised.

   Along with this I also tried out a new product for me, the Lush Ocean Salt face and body scrub. This smelled uh-may-zing, the lime made it smell really fresh but still left my skin soft with the avocado. I used this to shave my legs, as well as slathering on some of my holy grail Ro's Argan Body Conditioner just to calm my skin (as I may have cut my legs, it happens to the best of us) Just a heads up, there'll be a more in-depth review of this product in a future post featuring some of my all-time favourite Lush products. 

   And finally in the bath I took along with me my book of the highway code (exciting I know) since I have my driving theory test coming up next month; which has been a long time coming since my instructor has been asking me to book it since December, oops. I also like to play some music while I'm in the bath sometimes, and recently I've been loving Years & Years and their album Communion, particularly the songs Take Shelter, Shine and King which most people will know from them. It's just a great album to chill to, so pretty perfect for bath time. 

   Once I was out of the bath I finished off with my usual skincare routine, so after using the Lush facial scrub I used the Lush Tea Tree Water as a toner on another large cotton pad (I must say this isn't sponsored by Lush or anything, I've just realised how many products I'm using by them) and then following with the Origins GinZing moisturiser. I also decided to use the Lush Mint Julips lib scrub to exfoliate my lips, since recently they've been crazy dry, and trying to keep them hydrated with this thick coconut lip balm from the Body Shop.

And that was pretty much it! After this pamper sesh I went to watch OTINB as said before and tried (but failed) to have an early night.


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