New Look OOTD

OOTW: 60s / 90s INFUSED


   Here's to my fourth post this week! I think my brother's kinda mad at me now since I'm constantly asking him to be my photographer, but I'm very grateful, honest. Today I went for something I don't normally wear, a crop top  and hardly any black clothing (disregarding my leather jacket of course) I just don't find crop tops that comfortable when worn on their own, instead I usually pair them with my denim pinafore or wear a cardigan layered over. But today I may have woken up 10 minutes before my bus was due, so stupidly I grabbed the first top I saw and tried to find a decent pair of high-waisted jeans. To finish the look I then went with my Doc Marten boots to add a little 'grunge' to the style, as well as my trusty leather jacket - Et viola!

Leather Jacket - Henry Holland @ Debenhams
Striped Crop Top - Topshop
High-Waisted Jeans - Topshop
Cherry Red Boots - Doc Martens
Quilted Backpack - New Look

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