In the past I said I would always keep this blog updated if any bargains were to come about, whether it be beauty, fashion, or anything else that's worth knowing about! And just now I was looking through the Debenhams website to find that they're having a fashion sale with up to 50% off, and since I was also looking through the H! by Henry Holland collection (who is in fact my favourite designer) I found some little bargains within the sale picks, and threw together two outfit ideas below that I thought were super quirky and definitely summer appropriate. 

   The first outfit on the left is more of a colourful, fun outfit; which realistically isn't my usual go-to style - But I just thought these looked amazing together and I couldn't resist showing you! The first is a denim bralet with a wacky flamingo print for summer; which could even be worn on its own with a pair of high waisted jeans. However when looking through the website I also found the matching skirt which comes just above the model's knees, and buttons-up down the front to follow the whole 70s skirt trend that's everywhere at the moment. Just to finish the look I also spotted the cutest pink sandals which I thought looked great with the pink flamingo print. Like I said, this one is just a little fun, but I probably would wear the bralet at least, and pair it with a simple black or white bag like the model here (btw, serious fringe envy or what?)

   For the second outfit, this is definitely up my street. Monochrome! I couldn't not put an all black and white outfit in this, and this is most likely what I'd live in this summer. I spotted these awesome palm tree print trousers in this comfy, cigarette style - Very casual but made fashionable with the print. Then I thought to keep it simple and slightly boho, as I found a simple off the shoulder white top, with small embroidered polka dots on the material. And finally to keep to my monochrome theme, I paired this outfit with the same style of sandal as before, but this time in a simple white; which would be a great investment as they'd probably work with most things.

(All items linked below)


TOTAL = £38.90


TOTAL = £55.70

   I know together these outfits may seem a little pricey for some, but some separate items are a great bargain and well worth checking out! Even if you didn't know the brand before now, I'd definitely recommend the designer, he's just so quirky and unique - I love it!


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