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   Hi everyone! This week I thought I would play around with a new eye make up look, using my first ever MAC eye shadow that I bought the other week. I think the look is definitely wearable for everyday, but can also be built into a smoky eye for a more dramatic look as well. Normally I'm quite boring with eye make up, and will tend to go for a simple liner or neutral eye shadow - However since purchasing 'Coppering' from MAC, it's made me want to try with different styles of eye shadow, and for this look it's definitely a coppery shimmer that's perfect for summer.

   This is the before and after, the camera didn't really give the eye shadow justice, but in real life it did look super pretty! I also began with a coat of Urban Decay Lash Perversion mascara and my usual base make up; which you can check out here if you're interested.

   Step 1. This can be skipped if you like, but just to set my the base of my eye I used a neutral shadow from the Body Shop (110 Sand By Me) which is definitely a dupe for Urban Decay's W.O.S. eye shadow, and gives a smooth base for other shadows on top.

Step 2. I then began using the Body Shop Honey Bronzer (01 Light Matte) to give the crease of my eye some warmth. I ran this through my crease using the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, and I love utilising bronzer like this for a quick everyday look as well!

   Step 3. The main event. This MAC eye shadow in Coppering is then used all over my lid, focusing more along the lash line and softening it out towards the crease. I also ran this along my lower lash line in the outer third, using my MAC 235SE Brush which is perfect for this. Coppering is a stunning, wearable shade, and can be used in this look to even give a rose gold finish. After application, I then took my Base Shadow Brush again to blend the bronzer and Coppering together to create a soft transition.

Step 4. The final shadow used for this look is the Body Shop's eye shadow in 201 Melt My Heart; which is a natural bronze shimmer, and when paired with MAC Coppering it's gives a lovely summer, rose gold look. I applied this with my middle finder across my lid, but focusing on the center of my eye to brighten. I also applied it in the inner corners and along my lower lash line in the inner third.

Step 5. Again this step is optional, and the eye shadow could be left for a natural copper look. However I liked the definition along my lash line when using MAC's Gel Liner (Blacktrack) with this angled brush from Wilko. With this I applied a thin line from half way across my eye, and applied a small amount on the outer third of my lower lash line  - Almost creating the illusion of a winged liner when joined together.

   And this is the finished eye make up look! Like I said, my camera doesn't really do it justice, but if you try this out you'll agree that the colours are really pretty, and works great with green eyes. To finish the entire look I also added some more mascara and paired this with a nude lip - using L'Oreal's Lip Liner in 656 Honey and L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Eva's Nude.


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