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   So on Friday I have a hair appointment to hopefully sort out my barnet before a party this Saturday. As you may have seen (or not) on some of my recent previous posts, my hair isn't looking it's finest at the moment - With a month of spontaneous bleaching and re-dying taking it's toll on my hair colour. I have kept my hair condition fairly healthy, using conditioner, weekly hair masks and serums if needed to prevent dry, brittle hair; which I do not want. Before the whole 'bleaching my hair at home' debacle, I had been to the salon at the end of December where they gave me an ombre look - However I just felt that I was going back to my high school days, and I just wanted to be lighter all over ready for spring / summer. That's where the bleach came in. For some reason my brain went into dye overload and I put my hair through way too many products in such a small amount of time. And over this time my hair has suffered slightly with some breakage and scalp sensitivity; therefore I felt the need to leave my hair for the past couple of months before I could rectify the problem back in a professional salon.

   That's where Pinterest comes in to play. Over the past 6 months this site has been my inspiration and obsession, with hair colours, styles and cuts. You can follow my 'HAIR' board here if you like, but below are just a few pictures from my Pinterest hair inspo. board. Since I want to go lighter I think I'm going to take some advice from the lovely Lily Melrose and stray from an all-over colour to lots and lots of highlights. This is much easier to maintain and will look much more natural when my darker hair colour grows through. I also love Lily's darker roots, and that minky, ash blonde that runs through her mid-lengths and ends. Obviously my natural, blessed dark hair genes means I probably won't achieve such a stong blonde shade, but something similar is the goal! As for the cut of my hair, at the moment my full fringe has grown out, and so I'm left with two difficult pieces of hair on either side of my face - #fullfringeprobs or what? But thankfully on Friday I'll be able to ask for my beloved long full fringe again, with some added texture and perhaps a little more chopped of the ends? I've been contemplating 'the chop' for a while now, but I don't know whether I can let go of my long locks just yet. So maybe I'll just have an inch or two cut off to get rid of some of the drier, dead ends.
   In 2015 I've learnt that my hair is a sacred thing, and shouldn't be constantly played with (without the proper knowledge and products anyway) I mean, to be fair, my hair hasn't been that bad, I just think that my problem is I get too bored, too quickly. Can anybody relate? But anyway on Friday I might finally be able to sort it out for my own satisfaction, and then hopefully show you guys on the Saturday - Unless something disastrously wrong happens! But I doubt that since my old hairdresser is now working at a closer salon, so I always have trust in her to do the right thing. Plus she knows what I'm like, and can adjust what I want, to what she can do for me. Anyway, I better finish this now, but I do love a good hair rant.

See you on Saturday!


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  1. Love this hair inspiration, looking to do something similar to my hair too.

    1. I get a little addicted to Pinterest hair haha

      Meg ♡

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, she really suits the blunt bob!

      Meg ♡