Like the entire population of the universe, I too have a undying love for Netflix. It gets me through my coursework, as well as wasting countless days watching back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl in the summer of 2014. Oh, how I miss Chuck Bass. And for my fellow Netflix lovers I thought I would share with you some of my top picks that you have to check out!

U N B R E A K A B L E   K I M M Y   S C H M I D T

   First of all, my most recent obsession is this programme right here. It was created by the lovely Tine Fey a.k.a. Mean Girls' Ms. Norbury, and stars Ellie Kemper who I first saw in Bridesmaids (another fave) I'd say this is just a great comedy programme that makes me happy whenever I watch it, plus it's one of the rare TV shows that physically makes me laugh out loud. It's also set in New York which has always been my dream home from home, so I knew I would instantly fall in love. I must admit, I was unsure whether to start this at first, but when YouTuber hannahyep mentioned it in her monthly favourites I decided to go for it. And I've never looked back.

S T U C K   I N   L O V E

   I think I first saw this film last spring when I typed 'Lily Collins' into Netflix - If you didn't know I have this weird love for Lily, her career, her hair, her style, everything. My friends know this, and just sort of sighed when I recommended this to them, since I'm sure they just thought it was another one of my freak outs. But when they finally caved they loved it just as much as me. Don't get me wrong, it's not the happiest rom-com in the world, there's come serious sad moments that made me tear slightly. But as girly films go it's probably one of my favourites, especially since Logan Lerman and Nat Wolff have main roles. 

R O M E O   A N D   J U L I E T

   Baz Luhrmann is one of my favourite directors and DiCaprio is one of my favourite actors, so together it's unlikely that I could ever imagine disliking this film. Obviously this is the ultimate love story by Shakespeare, and I was even cast to play Juliet in my own high school play, but sadly it was cancelled and I've cried ever since. But still, this version is visually captivating and despite knowing what happens at the end, I still can't help but scream at Romeo every time. JULIET IS ALIVE.

B A T E S   M O T E L

   And finally my last recommendation would have to be another TV series, Bates Motel. It's based on Hitchcock's Psycho as Freddie Highmore (who I still picture as little Charlie Bucket) stars as Norman Bates in what first seemed to me as a nice-not-too-strange show. But then something changes in him towards the end of season 2 (I think) and suddenly it seemed so much weirder, but in a good way that makes you want to watch more. My dad first mentioned it to me, and then when I saw the series on Netflix I just thought I'd try it out... And then after the second season I found myself searching online for illegal episodes. So if you're interested in psycho, odd, but kinda cute-looking killers, then this is definitely for you!

And there you have it! If I ever find anything new, then I'll be sure to let you guys know, but for now I think you'll have enough to watch there for at least a week (If you're like me).


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