I was going to post some Netflix Picks (which I'll still be posting next week) but for tonight I thought I would just sit down and type away about life at the moment and any thoughts I have. I'm currently sat on my bed with a pile of candy corns; which first of all I'd just like to say taste incredible and we should definitely have these available in the UK. If you've never tried them before, they basically taste like fudge and icing mixed together, so if you don't have a super sweet tooth then maybe these aren't for you. But for me, I'm obsessed. I'm also just flicking through some blog posts and deciding whether I should re-vamp my blog design, since every blog I read looks so professional and pretty. I'm actually thinking of changing my blog name entirely - maybe The Life of Riley? Any thoughts?
   Anyway, this week has been getting used to my college routine after having a (rushed) two week holiday for Easter. I'll definitely be needing to catch up on my sleep this weekend, especially before my theatre exam next Tuesday; which I'm super nervous for by the way, but I'll let you know how I get on. Today though has been surprisingly good, despite having a sleepless night last night, after handing in some coursework I left college at 12:30 and headed to Pizza Hut with my dad and brother. We then went to see the new Mall Cop movie at the cinemas, as well as nipping into The Range for some more mason jars for my Lush products (which you may seen in a couple of weeks!) Looking back at today, sometimes I never really have family time, and it's nice to actually get along with my brother and not feel so stressed.
   Other than that, I've also been planning my revision timetables for the next few weeks. It's scary realising my exams start next week and soon I'll have finished my first year of college - HOW?! Over this summer I don't have any plans either, some of my friends are going on holiday or getting involved with NCS; which seems like a great thing to do, but for some reason I just wasn't completely with the idea. That's just how I felt at the time, but I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves! 
   Anyway, I should probably end this post now since I've just seen the mess surrounding me. I hope anyone reading this has had a lovely day, and if not don't worry. I'd give you some candy corn if I could. But why don't you have a nice Lush bath and watch Gogglebox later? That's my plan for tonight anyway.


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