Hi everyone! Some of you reading this may not know, but I adore film. Everything about it, the whole industry, its history and the films themselves. I even take Film Studies at college and I enjoy each lesson so much and love learning about my favourite industry. I also love acting which is why it would be my dream to be able to act in films one day. But for now I'll stick to being a bit of a film nerd and show you some of my favourite films that I've watched recently in February...

 B A C K   T O   T H E   F U T U R E

   First of all, my favourite film of all time. Like ever. Back to the Future will always be the one film I turn to on those days where you just want to be lazy and stay in bed and eat ice-cream. For Christmas my dad actually got me the Blu-Ray trilogy of these films - I nearly cried with joy. I've particularly been watching the second movie quite a bit, purely because I find it funny how they thought that 2015 would look like it does in the film (still wishing for those hoverboards) But if you haven't actually watched any of these films, I definitely recommend you do! Not so much the third one, but you should make time for the first two. And if you're a fellow Marty McFly lover like me, then I guess we can be best friends.

L O V E,   R O S I E

   Ok, so Valentines day this year (pretty much like every year) was uneventful and seemed like any other day. But I did make time for a good rom-com, and I finally managed to watch Love, Rosie. I had wanted to watch this film for so long since it came out in cinemas last October. And I was devastated when I found out that my cinema was no longer showing it on the week I had free, typical right? But anyway, I completely loved this. Lily Collins is my personal style inspiration in this film, as her character Rosie Dunn is so funny, and her relationship with Sam Clafflin's character, Alex Stewart, is so sweet! I'm now currently reading the book this film was based upon, and if it is anything like the film has shown me, it will end up with me crying into my duvet with complete happiness.

T H E   T H E O R Y   O F   E V E R Y T H I N G

   Finally I have to recommend The Theory of Everything, starring the immensely talented Eddie Redmayne in the boipic of physicist Steven Hawking. This film has had some amazing reviews so instinctively I wanted to watch this, and I have to say I was certainly not disappointed. After watching it you really feel empathetic towards both Steven and Jane Hawking, as both people have emotional struggles and personal battles. Eddie's performance was also stunning; which is why I think I loved this film so much! And even if you're not totally a science fanatic, the love story between them is so real and honest, and has been captured wonderfully by director James Marsh.

Overall I would definitely recommend each of these films to anyone, especially my friends who are constantly hearing me talk about them. And if you have any new film recommendations for me then I'd love to hear them - I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching films!


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