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   Hello everyone! I've been blogging for nearly two years now, and in that time I've learnt how to write blog posts, improve my photo quality and change the appearance of my blog. I know when I first started out I thought the whole concept of blogging was simple, and so in the beginning of My Name is Meg, my first post was a simple introduction with one (bad quality) webcam photo. I then started to use my Nikon Coolpix L120; which you can get for £80-100 now online, and was a camera I loved to take videos with, especially when I went to Download Festival in 2013 (You can see some of the pictures here) However when I went to gigs that camera seemed too big to carry around, and so for my birthday I got the Sony Cybershot WX350 which is a compact digital camera, so much easier to transport around with me. It's also what I used for the picture below and all of the other blog posts I do now - Even if you're not tech savvy it's easy to use and takes great quality pictures for a compact. It also has Wifi, panoramic, and filters for photographs which are some little added bonuses, making this camera even better. 
   Now once you're equipped and have made your blogger account, you're going to need a blog for starters. You can either choose a design template already made, find some online, or even create your own from scratch. For my recent blog design I started using the 'Simple' blog template and then used html coding to make the design unique. For my main header design I used the website for a variety of fonts, images and effects. As for the rest of my blog the html coding is not something you can learn in a few hours, it took me a while to make sense of it. Basically though I just used the CSS box (Go to Template, Customise, Advanced, Add CSS) to add certain codes. For example:

How to Add Social Media Icons:
1. Choose a colour for your icons here.
2. Go to Layout, choose 'Add a Gadget' (HTML/JavaScript) 
3. Follow this code: 
<a href="LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE"><img src="IMAGE LINK" /></a>
You can get an IMAGE LINK using and copying the 'Direct Link for Layouts' URL.
4. If you want spaces in between the icons like mine, then all you need to do is add the code '&nbsp;' in sets of 4 to create a space.

   Once you're happy with your design and layout, you can then start on your posts. If you're struggling for inspiration you can Google some ideas for blog posts, or even use magazine articles for some ideas - Like nail art or fashion posts. When blogging I like to have some snacks and a drink with me, and maybe play some music or watch Netflix. I find blogging much more chilled and enjoyable this way. I also keep the products I may be featuring around me, just so I can keep referring to them if I need to. Another little tip for bloggers is to keep a notebook with you for any blog post ideas - I know I love planning blog posts this way!
   When I have some content, I then edit my photos on my laptop using an app called 'Photoroom' on Windows 8 to simply brighten my photos through gamma correction. For the main images where I put text on, I then use again to do this. Then, once you have your post you can publish away and voila! You have your first blog post. If you want to you can then promote your new post in numerous ways, I like to use my Google Profile, Tumblr and Instagram most of the time. 

   I know there are many more technical elements to blogging, so if you have any questions as to how I've done certain design elements on my blog then feel free to ask! Obviously the main point of blogging is to enjoy what you write about, and even if you don't have the best equipment, you can still write amazing posts for people to enjoy. Don't get me wrong, I'm still no professional myself, and I write this blog simply because I enjoy it and I think it's a great little space to share my thoughts and ideas. So, if you're reading this and perhaps don't have a blog, but maybe you're asking yourself 'Should I really start my own?' DO IT. Even if you don't make your posts public, sometimes it's nice to just type away.
   Anyway thank you for reading this slightly different post of mine. But I hope it's given you some knowledge or at least inspiration for your own blog. I think I just wanted to do this post to give some beginners advice and help, because when I first started out I didn't even know how to create a post. 


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  1. I got my notebook aaaalways with me :) and I like to have drink and some snacks too, while blogging :)

    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

    1. Me too, I always keep it in my bag when I'm out!

      Meg ♡