Hello to you reading this, and if you are reading this then I'm assuming you're in the process of picking your A-Levels, thinking of college or generally just interested in this post; in which case I hope this is helpful. Anyways, I started college in September 2014 and luckily I've not had second thoughts on wanting to swap any of my subjects, however some people I know have. In the first few weeks of starting college they should give you the opportunity to change your options if you're not happy with your choices, or don't feel confident with the work. An example of this was with a friend who had taken Drama and Theatre Studies after taking drama as a GCSE. I had also taken this at college however we had different teachers, she had a male and I had two female teachers. Now I don't think it was due to gender that she didn't like her class, I just think she didn't look forward to each lesson, which you should do if you're going to be doing it almost everyday. And so all she did was change her subject to Media Studies; which she enjoyed much more and felt better in the class.

   In high school I guess I was lucky in the fact that I decided on my options fairly quickly, and now I take Media Studies, Film Studies, Drama and Theatre Studies and English Language at A-Level. In year 11 I did have some other options, such as photography, but then I realised I had taken mostly 'artsy' subjects and so my mum suggested I take English as more of an 'academic' subject I guess. I then had the choice between Language or Literature. Now, I did very well in both in GCSE, but when I looked back I enjoyed Language so much better simply because in Literature it's a lot of reading, and I prefer reading for pleasure in my own time - Plus, Theatre Studies requires reading plays anyway, so I thought it would be too much if I had taken Literature as well. Once I had picked my options I then felt confident with my choices, and when I went to open evenings I knew straight away which college I liked, simply because of the general vibe of the place.

   Recently I actually helped out at my own college's open evening for the upcoming year 11's, and when asking some of them if they knew what they wanted to choose, many said they were unsure of their final one or two options. I then said not to worry because you still have time to decide, plus your options aren't set in stone and can be changed. I know some people in my drama class who have taken all sciences, and then chose drama as a subject they're going to drop in their second year. So an option for you could be to take subjects within a similar area, and then something you know you want to drop. With my options I think I will be dropping either Media or Film Studies as they're very similar. But overall, whatever you decide to take, choose something you love. In high school you don't really have a choice as you have to take some subjects, but then in college you have the freedom take make your own decisions and if you love the subject, you'll want to learn and want to succeed.
   If you have any questions then please ask me, whether it's about my choice of subjects, or if you need any advice on your own choices. I know it can be a big decision for some, but I hope what I've said has helped you in some way, and thank you reading!


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  1. Such a lovely post Meg! I'll be taking my A-Level options at the end of the summer after gcses are finished. At the moment I'm thinking of Maths, Spanish, Business, and maybe History. It's such a random bunch, but I'll probably change my mind before then, great advice x

    Megan - x

    1. Aw thank you so much! It's great that you already have plans for your options, and let me know how you get on :-) All the best for your GCSEs...

      Meg ♡