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   It would seem that in my near two years of blogging I've never actually done a hair care post, so I thought I would finally show you the products I used to wash and protect my hair with from 2014! (I know I'm slightly late on this, oops) When it comes to hair care I don't like to spend an awful lot, and will often only buy shampoos and conditioners when they're on offer - Otherwise I'll just use whatever my mum has bought whilst shopping; which is usually Herbal Essences. But over the past two months I've been using VO5 Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, in the little mini bottles. Since I dye my hair quite a bit I always look for a hydrating shampoo, and for this I would say it's done quite a good job on that. By using both I'd say my hair is soft and just a little shinier, but that might be the effect of other hair products too. For the price of VO5 products though I'd say they're a bargain, and I always like to purchase these from Superdrug when they have special offers on.

   Now obviously not everyone will have to use blonde shampoo, but since going a little lighter with my hair colour I've been taking precaution and dug out my old shampoo and conditioner from when I had ombre hair. These Lee Stafford products are always a favourite of mine, and get rid of any brassy tones in blonde hair. They recommend using the shampoo once week but the conditioner can be used daily. At first the shampoo is a little scary looking with it's dark purple colour, but this only helps remove any yellow tones - Overall a good product for all you blondes!

   As a hair treatment once a week I also try to use a hair mask. Over the years I've tried a fair few, but at the moment I'm using the TRESemme Thermal Recovery Hair Mask as I know that I probably use too much heat on my hair. But so far so good with this product, it leaves my hair lovely and soft and my hair definitely breaks less than it used to. It also has that salon scent all TRESemme products have which just reminds me of going to the hairdressers.  

   When styling my hair I also recommend using a heat protection spray when you can. Right now I'm using the VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray, and I simply spray this on my hair and brush it in before I straighten / curl / blow dry my hair. It's a super quick step in looking after your hair, and just offers further protection from heat. 

   Well, there you have some of my past hair care products from 2014, but now we're into the new year I have changed some of these products around - So maybe I'll do an updated hair care routine for you all? Thank you for reading as always and I'll be back next week!


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  1. Lovely post! I've always wanted to try a hair mask, perhaps I'll choose the one you've recommended.

    Reta :) ♥ x

    1. Hair masks are great once a week, just to make sure my hair stays soft and hydrated! I've also used the Herbal Essences hair masks before and loved them too :-)

      Meg ♡