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   Undoubtedly I am a fan of the winged liner, and will go most days wearing eyeliner as part of my everyday makeup. However when I first started to wear eyeliner I wasn't the best at it, and learning how to draw wings was an impossible task. Over the years I've slowly become a little better (still not perfect) but better at knowing the technique. When I see professionals do this it looks so easy and simple, and I'm sure it is, it's just the practice that needs to be put in. So for this post I thought I would show you how I like to do my eyeliner using three different types of eyeliner, including liquid, felt tip and gel. 

Products Used (Left to Right)

Rimmel London Gel Eyeliner
Collection Extreme Felt Tip Liner
L'Oreal Superliner (Waterproof)


   This liquid liner is my favourite at the moment as it stays all day, so there's no need to worry about your wings disappearing! The applicator is very thin so it can create a lovely thin line across the top of your eye, and I find that it also helps drawing the wing shape with a defined point.
   As you can see below I start by drawing a simple line outwards, and then creating a sharp line, pointing towards the end of my eyebrow. All you have to do then is join the bottom of the line with the line you have drawn across your eye. If you wish you can also go over to darken the eyeliner, however a tip is to know when to stop. Many a time in the past I've thought I've needed to go over my eyeliner again, only for it to end up looking odd and too thick.

Felt Tip
   This felt tip liner by Collection was a bit of a revelation for me, as in the past felt tip liners never seemed to help me with winged liner. However unlike liquid liner, this doesn't really stay all day as I find that the wings wear away. But if you're a newbie to winged liner I would definitely recommend this, as the nib of this liner is easy to work with and quick to get the winged shape. 
   The method to using this is very similar to liquid eyeliner, simply start by using the side of the nib to drag across the eye and draw a simple line. By using the edge of the nib instead of the tip is much easier in my opinion. To draw the wing you then draw a line by dragging the nib down in the direction of the end of your eyebrow. You can then join the two lines together and go over to darken the liner.


   Now for the dreaded gel liner! Many often put gel liner as one of their favourites, however the faff of using a brush can put people off. I must admit I don't wear gel liner everyday, but sometimes I do like to use the brush for a more precise wing. Like the felt tip liner, this one doesn't last all day, but paired with a matte black shadow on top, you can make this last even longer.
   I first begin by dipping the brush in the pot, and then wiping the brush across to get rid of any excess. You want to make sure you get an angled brush, and for a more precise line make sure it's thin - This is an ecotools brush that I got in a mini-set. You can then start to draw a fine line across your lid, and I like to use the top point of the brush to get right near the inner part of my eye.

   For the wing I then pulled my eye back very gently and swiped the brush down to create a thin line. I then drew another line down, creating almost a thin triangle. All you have to do then is fill in the space between the two lines, and create more of a smooth line across your lid.

   And there you have three ways to achieve your winged liner! I hope this has helped some of you if you're a little unsure on how to start, or maybe you can try another type of liner that might be easier for you. If I did rank each of these in order of preference I'd say my favourite if the liquid, then gel, and the felt tip last. However that's just one person's opinion, and I think you have to try out different types of liner to see what you like.

Thank you for reading lovelies and I'll be back again next week...


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