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   So, this post was actually asked for from the lovely Reta. I'm no professional makeup artist, in fact I didn't used to contour at all, simply just bronze my face slightly in the summer. However after recently purchasing a new bronzer I've been practicing my contouring technique. Don't get me wrong it's still not perfected, and due to my pale skin I have to be careful not to overdo the bronzer, or else it can look unnatural. But since I'm getting a little braver with makeup, I thought I would show you how I like to contour!

   The two bronzers I use are Benefit's Hoola Bronzer; which is a beauty blogger favourite for many, and is completely matte which I prefer. The Hoola is more higher end at £23.50 at Benefit counters, but is a great investment if you're a bronzer junkie. For a drugstore alternative I also have The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer (£13) which is my recent purchase. I've read many good reviews on this product, and many said it was lovely for pale skin so I finally bought the lightest shade. For an even cheaper alternative, I've also heard L'Oreal's Glam Bronze compact (£7.99) is very good, and some even say it's a dupe for Nars Laguna Bronzer. But both of these compacts come with a handy mirror for on-the-go, and the Hoola also comes with a brush which I do actually like to use sometimes for a more defined contour.

   As for brushes these are my likely choices. On the left is the Elf Cosmetics Bronzing Brush which is angled and small to get a defined contour. You can also achieve the same effect with Real Technique's Contour Brush in the middle; which some may prefer as the shape is rounded and softer. I also like to use Real Technique's Blush Brush on the right for a much softer bronzing effect, but can be built up for a more defined look. 

   Now for the contouring technique! Since I have a very round face I never actually knew where to start my contour, or whether I would even suit it. But when you suck in your cheeks you should be able to see, or at least feel where your cheekbones end. This is where you want to define them. (Also note that I will look ridiculous in these pictures)

   To start with I simply swirl the brush in the bronzer and tap off any excess, this is an important rule. You then want to gently swipe in an upwards motion to start a soft line. If you're completely new to this you can also start by simply bronzing your face so you know how it looks with your complexion like I did (Remember the three main areas, cheeks, temples and neck) But carrying on with this technique, keep lightly brushing up and down until you're happy with the definition.

When you have subtle line you can then start to blend, blend, blend. I circle the brush at the top of the contour, and then circle up to my temples and across my hairline slightly.

Also don't forget to bronze your jawline and neck (We don't want those white lines) For this I like the fluffier brushes to blend down my neck and even blend the contour line again so it looks natural. 

   If you're going all out with the bronzer you can also use a smaller brush to contour the sides of your nose, just to make it look smaller. But I hardly even do this, in fact I've probably done it once. The brush I used here though is the Real Technique's Deluxe Crease Brush in case you're interested.

   And there you have a simple contour technique! I think with any makeup technique it comes down to practice, and to be honest I'm still in the practice stage - But I know some people want to know or are interested in which products to use, so I hope this comes in handy. Thank you for reading lovelies!


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  1. Great post and the Body Shop bronzer looks good - might have to purchase that along with the L'Oreal and even the Real Techniques contour brush! Love your posts and your makeup looks fab here!

    Reta :) ♥ x

    1. Aw I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thank you, that means a lot :-)

      Meg ♡