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   Sadly this will be my final everyday hairstyle post for you all, and I know this one may seem a little odd to be classed as 'everyday' for some, but since leaving high school I've worn my hair like this more and more. Probably because I've stopped caring what people think, as some may think this look is too different for them - But for me, I love it! When I first saw a tutorial on this hairstyle the girl in the video had super-long-Rapunzel hair which didn't work well for me, but then I found another girl having the same length hair as me and thought her method was so quick and easy. That's why I thought I would share this with you all, and although I know most will probably know how to do this, for the few that don't here you go...

You Will Need:

Hair Pins / Bobby Pins (Whatever you like to call them)
Bobbles / Clear elastics

   To begin with I parted my hair with a brush, by sweeping over a side fringe and parting the rest of my hair down the middle. I then separated my hair into two bunches for the braids, and brushed them out beforehand so they would be easier to work with.

   Once you have your two bunches, and you've separated your fringe from the rest of your hair, you can then start to braid - But make sure you start just above your ear, especially if you have shorter hair so it can reach the other side of you head later on. You also want to make sure that when parting your hair into three sections for the braid, that each section is of equal length so that the braid can reach right to the end.

   When you have your two braids (and resemble Wednesday Addams) you can then tie them at the end with a bobble or clear elastic. I then also like to pull out the braids slightly so they become wider and thicker looking, plus it makes it look a little less perfected.

   Once I have my two braids I then usually play around with the look of them when I bring them over my head, and see which braid looks better on top and underneath. When I'm happy I then take the first braid (usually my right braid) and pin it behind my opposite ear, so you're bringing the braid to the other side of your head. This is when clear elastics also come in handy, but if you're using bobbles like I did, then just before you pin the braid simply slide off the bobble.

   When pinned, I then take the other braid and bring it over my head in the same direction behind my ear. However this time I bring the end of the second braid under the first braid - This is so it hides some of the messy ends and disguises the pins underneath.

   For a final finish I also like to pull the braids again gently, as well as loosening my hair at the back so it doesn't look too tight. You can then spray with hairspray to keep the shape. I also recommend pulling out the smaller hair around your face, as well as styling your fringe to however suits you. I like mine to the side sometimes, but I also love this hairstyle with a middle parting for that extra 'boho' vibe.

I introduce to you my little brother...

Products Used:

VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray

   And there you have a MilkMaid braid! I know that when I first heard of this hairstyle it scared me a little and I thought it would be too complicated, but I find this method quite easy and needed little practice if I'm honest. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, but also any other of my 'Everyday Hairstyle' posts. If you've missed any I'll happily link them below if you fancy a read. Well, I guess that's it from me this week, I actually really enjoyed doing these types of posts, so maybe I'll do some more everyday hairstyle ideas for you all...

Thank you for reading!

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  1. This was really good. Thank you <3

    1. Thank you sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

      Meg ♡

  2. Very interesting post! Lovely blog! :)
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you :)

    1. Thank you! I'd love to follow your blog :-)

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