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   Hello everyone! This week I have a great everyday hairstyle for you all, inspired the beautiful Lou Teasdale. If you don't know who she is then she's probably best known primarily for her hair, Bleach London and being the hairdresser to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer. Like many others, I myself also lust for hair like Lou's, and I keep telling myself that one day I will take the plunge and bleach my hair all over. But for now I'll take baby steps and try to get her hairstyle at least. Obviously this isn't going to be exactly how she does it in the morning, this is simply how I would do it to achieve a similar look.

You Will Need:

Salt Spray / Dry Shampoo / Texturising Spray
Backcomb Brush

   First of all, to give my hair some texture and messiness, I began with a salt spray all over and used a hairdryer to blow dry and quickly give my hair some volume too - You could also use dry shampoo or texturising spray for this, but just miss out the blow drying step. I also began with slightly curled / wavy hair for this, so you may want to braid some pieces of hair and straighten them to achieve waves, or even curl some strands of hair before starting.

   As you can see from the picture below, I also 'jooshed' my hair a little by scraping back some hair on the crown of my head, as well as bringing the shorter pieces of hair towards the front of my face. Obviously this style requires a certain type of haircut, so with a messy full fringe this would work perfectly. However if your hair is slightly longer, you could simply loosen these pieces, or even twist them into the ponytail to lift it off your face.

   After that I then took the back sections of hair that I previously scraped back, backcombed underneath, sprayed with hairspray and  lifted it over on top of my head. I then repeated these steps for other pieces underneath until I was happy with the amount of lift. I then placed the pieces of backcombed hair back, and smoothed it over to create almost a 'Beehive' effect.

   Once my hair was prepped I then took a bobble and scraped back all of my hair into a messy ponytail. This is where neatness goes out the window, and you simply want to gather all of your hair together. 

   Once your hair is tied up you can then tuck in any pieces that seem out of place, or too long to be brought to the front. I also pulled up my ponytail upwards to give more volume, and even took the end of my backcombing brush to pull up my hair slightly. If you wish you could also curl the front pieces of hair outwards using straighteners, if your hair is a little crazy like mine sometimes.
   For a final finishing touch you could even include some hair accessories and get a 90's scrunchie like Lou, or even a clip-in bow to girly-up the hairstyle.

And there you have it! A Lou Teasdale inspired ponytail...

Products Used:

Fudge Urban Salt Spray - Superdrug
VO5 Strong Hold Hairspray

   Well for all you fellow Lou Teasdale lovers I hope you've enjoyed this post! I loved to do this hairstyle in summer when I wanted my hair up in the heat, but still wanted to look like I'd made an effort. The key to this hairstyle though is to make it look messy and imperfect, but that is the kind of hairstyle that I love to wear everyday.

   Thank you for reading my lovelies, and if you have any other celebrity hairstyles that you'd like me to try, then just leave a comment below!


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