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   Guess who's back again with another everyday hairstyle? ...Me! I hope these types of posts come in handy for you all, because I know I love reading posts and watching videos about new hairstyles I can try out, so hopefully this is something new for you. This week I have a hairstyle that I pretty much wear non-stop when I want my full fringe out of the way, and even if I don't have my hair down, it also looks lovely with my hair up in a scruffy ponytail. I guess this is my little take on the 'Boho Braids' so without further ado, let us begin...

You Will Need:

Hair Pins
Backcomb Brush

   I began with my hair down and quite wavy; which you can achieve many ways, by either plaiting your hair beforehand, or even using my 'Au Naturel' method that I posted last week here. There are many ways to get this 'wavy-beach-babe' look, and for all you lucky gals who have naturally wavy hair, then I guess you can save yourself a step here.

   If you haven't already, you can then part your hair down the middle with a comb for precision. But don't worry if it's not entirely perfect, I guess this is what makes the look a little more messy and boho.

   Now for the braiding. For this I took a small section from the front of my hair at the top, and began to French braid down the side of my head. If you don't know how to French braid already, start with a normal three-section braid but then start to add smaller sections of hair as you braid further. It's hard to explain this via text on a screen, so you may want to check out some YouTube videos (I'll leave some linked at the end if you want)

   However if you do know how to French braid then carry on until you hit just before the back of your head. Sometimes my braids also end up slanting slightly, but don't worry just go with it, or else when you try to lift and pin it further up, you'll be left with a bumpy braid - Not good. 

   You'll then want to stop after a little while so you're left with some hair to fall down. As you can see from the picture below, I then took a top section of hair from the back and placed it over the braid, so it would hide the pins I used to secure the braid in place.

I then just repeated the braiding process on the other side and secured it with some pins under a section of hair from the back.

   Once you have your two braids on either side, you can then use a backcomb brush to backcomb underneath the sections of hair you used to cover up the pins. After that I then like to loosen the braids with my fingers, and even use the pointy end of the backcomb brush to give my roots a little lift.

   And there you have your boho braids complete! You can then spray your hair all over with hairspray, I love VO5's Ultimate Hold Hairspray for those days that I know I'm going to need to keep a hairstyle all day. For the ends of your hair, you could even spray with salt spray or dry shampoo if you think you need it - Just to give your hair some texture and volume.

 'No paps please.'

Products Used:

VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray


   And there you have a super easy boho braid hairstyle! I hope you've enjoyed reading, and if you try out this hairstyle then let me know! Whether it be on here and I'll check out your blog, or you can Instagram me (Link is at the top or tag pictures using #MUWM) Thank you all as always, and for next week I've planned a Lou Teasdale inspired hairstyle - And if you don't know who Lou is, basically she has the best hair, ever.


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  1. Love this hairstyle - french plaits are beautiful. Your hair looks gorgeous xx


    1. Thank you lovely, French plaits have been my favourite recently!

      Meg ♡

  2. Looks so great on you! Love doing this for work so my hairs out of my face but still looks like I put in some sort of effort haha

    1. Aw thank you, and I definitely agree with you there!

      Meg ♡