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   Hello! This week I have something a little different for you all, yes this week I'll be showing you one of my everyday hairstyles. I've also been preparing three more for you all to look forward to! But for this I thought I would begin with a simple 'Au Naturel' style that's super easy and quick to do. Note that when I also took these pictures my highlights needed re-touching badly so just excuse the colour. However apart from that, let's begin...

You Will Need:

Heat Protectant Spray
Hair Curler
Salt Spray

   Since I'm going to be using heat for this hairstyle, I began by using a heat protectant (any will do) but one of my favourites is the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Spray - Plus right now it's on offer at Boots and Superdrug for only £2.75! So I guess that's me taking a trip and stocking up.

   Now, I find that my hair already has a slight wave to it, but just to enhance these I used the Nicky Clarke Waving Wand. The shape of this wand is, erm, odd. But I do love how it makes my hair look when the curls drop out slightly. I really do love this wand because 1. The curler has a little stand to prop it up, so there's no need to worry about burning surfaces 2. It heats up fairly quickly 3. For £20 I'd say it's a bargain, and well worth the money!

   So to curl my hair I began with the ends and then concentrated on a few pieces near my roots to make the look more natural. Of course to make looser waves I just held the hair on for a shorter amount of time, and for tighter curls I left my hair on longer. But I also think the key to this is not to curl all of your hair, simply curl pieces that need more of a wave or seem flat. I then curled the other side in the same way, as well as a few pieces from the back. I guess the point of this is to look natural, and to make effort for something that looks like you've made no effort for (If that makes sense?)

   After curling I then just 'jushed' my hair a little to make it look more scruffy and less, well, perfected. I also sprayed a little salt spray; which you can either directly spray in, or spray and then blow dry quickly afterwards to give more texture. But even a dry shampoo or texturising spray would work with this.

I also like to push forward the shorter pieces of hair that I have towards the front to shape my face slightly.

Products Used:

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Spray - Boots / Superdrug
Fudge Urban Salt Spray - Superdrug
Nicky Clarke Waving Wand - Debenhams

   And that is basically it for this hairstyle! And like I said after a while the curls will drop slightly, but this only makes it look even more natural and pretty. I hope you've enjoyed this post, and next week I'll be back with my version of 'Boho Braids.' Thank you for reading lovelies!


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  1. you have lovely hair! New follower x

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  2. Your hair is flawless :O I am so envious!


    1. Thank you lovely, that's so sweet! But I do have my own bad hair days haha

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