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   As the old saying goes, like all good things they must come to an end. And this week is the final post in my Lush Legends series. Following from last week's post I thought another hair product would be well suited, and so I introduce to you the Seanik Shampoo Bar! Like the Jungle Solid Conditioner from Lush, this product also intrigued me as to what it was at first - As to me it simply looked like those blue sweets from Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts. But alas I was wrong, it wasn't a giant liquorice sweet, but something you can wash your hair with? So, with that thought I took to the Lush website to see how I could use this, and found that you simply run this under water and circle it in your hand, which then lathers up into foam / bubbles that you can apply to your hair. 
   With my knowledge of the product I took to trying this out and found that the application is very easy, and you can even rub the bar itself into ends of your hair. After towel drying my hair I then used my hairdryer and roughly dried my hair leaving it feeling thicker and volumised. This is supposedly the Japanese nori seaweed which gives your hair that 'oomph.' The lemon used is also meant to give your hair shine but I didn't really notice that too much. However this product would be perfect to use in summer, as I also used this again but this time not using a hairdryer, and it left my hair with that 'beach-wave-salt-spray' texture which I love. 
   When reading some other comments on this product, some people also said that it helped them a lot with taming their curly, frizzy hair, and that it lathered up much more than they expected; which I definitely agree with! I'd also say the smell of this shampoo bar is very fresh and leaves your hair smelling b-e-a-utiful after. At a price of £5.75 this may seem a little overpriced considering the size of this little thing, but don't underestimate it, I think this will last me and awful long time with the little effort it takes to lather. 

   Well my lovelies I hope you've enjoyed this short little blog series, I know I have sharing my thoughts on these products with you all! My mum now knows to get me Lush every year for Christmas so you'll probably be seeing many more Lush related posts from me in the next few months. If you have missed any of the posts that I've done then feel free to have a read, I'll leave them linked below. But apart from that I guess that's it from me, have a lovely Sunday and I'll see you next week...

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