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   Hello my lovelies! For this week I thought I would review the Jungle Solid Conditioner from my Lush Legends set. This is the first time I've ever used a hair product from Lush, and if I'm honest I had no idea this was even a conditioner until I read what it was. It's probably one of things that intrigued me the most out of the set, simply because it was so different and looked fun to use. Basically you use this with wet hair, but running it under water to create some bubbles or just directly rubbing this onto your hair. I found it quite tricky to use first time, as it didnt't really create many bubbles, so I just rubbed it onto the ends of my hair instead - As I usually suffer from frizzy, dry ends from where I've bleached my hair.
   At first I thought this product wouldn't do much for my hair, as it seemed that not much product was being transferred. But, by the time I had washed it off I was pleasantly surprised! It left my hair much softer and felt less drier than before, as well as it smelling absolutely beautiful - I'd say quite fresh and fruity. After a couple of washes using this I also found that my split ends also looked a little better, but not entirely gone. With a little research I found that the shine it gave my hair was from the cocoa butter base this product is made from, and I also found out it has avocado mashed into it which I know my hair loves from past hair products that I've used.
   Despite this being an unusual product to me I would definitely buy this again, and maybe try some more of their solid conditioners. It most definitely tamed the frizzy ends to my hair and I found that I little goes an awfully long way with this product also. At a price of £3.35 it's not a bad price, and considering I've still got the majority of this left, I'd say it's a bargain!

   I hope you've enjoyed reading this review this week, and I'd love to know any other favourite hair products of yours from Lush - As I've never really used any before. Thank you for reading once again and I'll be back next week!


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