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   I guess it's that time of month again. The time for monthly favourites! I have a pretty good variety for you here including some beauty, fashion and random favourites. October has been a super quick month, but this is now the time of year that I love the most, when it starts to get a little colder and the run-up to Christmas gets nearer. However I also have a mountain of coursework that awaits me, but I've decided to get a bunch of blog posts done instead, you know priorities and all that. But anyways here are my October favourites for 2014...


Benefit They're Real Mascara:
   I first bought this back in June before prom and ever since it's been my favourite mascara. Yes, it is a little pricier than my usual drugstore mascaras, but I'd say it's worth it! I know they sell a mini version at Boots though for £9.99 which is supposed to be just as good. But this mascara lengthens and can even create a spider lash effect for my lower lashes using the end of the wand which I love at the moment.

L'Oreal Superliner (Waterproof):
   In the summer I usually wore my felt tip liner, however when I bought this liquid eyeliner that suddenly changed. Plus this one is amazing for that perfect winged liner. Because it's waterproof it also lasts all day, so when in college there's no need to worry about my wings disappearing. The nib is also super thin so it's easy for a simple line across your eye if you're not into the cat eye look.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick (Nude Perfection):
   I've never actually owned one of the lipstick-crayon-stick-things that everybody loves, but when I saw Lily Melrose with this product I knew I would love it. Despite it having a matte finish, it doesn't feel drying in the slightest, and I find that it lasts most of the day without the need to top up every 10 minutes. The colour is also beautiful, with that 'Kylie Jenner nude' that's so popular at the moment. Overall I'd definitely recommend this range of lipsticks from Maybelline as they're not badly priced either.

Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish (130 Rose Poudre):
   Like the mascara I also bought this for my prom back in June as I wanted a simple nude pink for my nail colour. Initially I was going to buy one of the Rita Ora Nail Polishes from Rimmel London, but as they'd sold out my nan spotted these instead. So well done to my nan I guess! I've never tried Maybelline for nails before but now they're probably my favourite. The formula is glossy and only needs 1 to 2 coats at the most. The brush is also wide and thick making it easier to paint my square shaped nails. As for this shade it's a pretty nude, I'd say dark dusky pink, and I've worn this nearly everyday in October.

Black Lace-up Boots - New Look:
   In preparation for the upcoming colder months, I'd been looking for some black lace-up boots that would suit jeans, tights or any clothing. I then took a trip into New Look and spotted these babies in the sale section underneath a cluttered pile of odd shoes. I tried them on and they were perfect! So when I got to the till they should have been only £7, as they were reduced from £30 (I know a bargain right?) However as I was about to pay the woman noticed they were odd sizes, as one shoe was a size 6 and one a size 5. She had a look to find a matching shoe, but no luck. That's when I tried them both on again, and if I'm honest you couldn't tell at all that they were odd sizes. So, yes, I bought them. But... for only £3.50! An absolute bargain c'mon, it's hardly wasting money. But yeah, I guess that's my bargain of the year.

George Ezra - Wanted on Voyage:
   Normally it's very rare that I want to buy a physical album, as nowadays the access to music online is so much easier. However I most definitely want to buy this album! If you don't know who this is, then his most popular song is probably 'Budapest,' a chilled yet catchy song that I loved in summer. When you hear his voice it completely contrasts with his appearance, and you kinda think to yourself, 'How can this young, blonde-haired man sing like that?' But I just find it amazing, and my favourite song at the moment is 'Did You Hear the Rain?' as it just reminds me of an old western movie or something.

American Horror Story: Freak Show:
   Yes, season 4 is finally here and if you were as excited as I was then we can be best friends. After binge watching the first 3 seasons over summer I couldn't wait for the next one to come. And so far Evan Peters hasn't disappointed, all I need to do now is get my friends involved, as they just don't get the love for him right now. At first I was reluctant to watch the show in the first place, as I'm not exactly a horror film fan, but being a TV series I didn't find it bad at all. After the hype everyone has over this show, you've got to give in sooner or later!

   Over the past few weeks I've also been using my instagram more for this blog by posting more pictures. So if you like you can follow me @cameoroseblog or you can just click on the link at the top.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my monthly favourites for October, and hopefully I'll remember to do this again this time next month too! Bye, bye...


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  1. £3.50 for a pair of new shoes? *clapping emoji*
    I also share your love for Mr Ezra - that and, Ed Sheerans 'X' are on the must have CD list

    1. Who can't love a bit of George though? Haha :-)

      Meg ♡