Well, I guess I haven't been blogging for a long while now and so I should probably start off this post with a big sorry for my absence. Back in summer my laptop suddenly broke so I tried to post from another laptop but all of my blog pictures where on mine, so it was difficult to say the least. But have no fear, my laptop has been fixed *hallelujah* and I can now get back into the swing of things. Over the past month so much has happened. I started college, which from my last post you can see that I was pretty nervous, but I got through the awkward first I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-or-where-I'm-going day, and now I think I'm pretty comfortable with the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, the transition from high school has been something to get used to. There's a lot more work, a lot more independence, and when your friends have different free lessons than you it can be strange not knowing anyone. But during the first week I found that I was more confident than I thought I would be, I talked to strangers in my classes, I found my way around pretty easily, and my independence skills have definitely improved.
   But enough with college, I want to start on this blog again with new posts and new ideas. There's lots more to come from this blog, so whether you've been following me for a year, or whether this is the first post that you're reading from me (then hi!) I promise that I'm going to be back for good now, unless something happens to this laptop again; which hopefully that won't happen. But I guess right this moment I'm going to grab some breakfast and a cup of tea, and get planning on some new posts for you all. Thank you for reading lovelies, and I'll be back next week!


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