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   Hello everyone! I'm hoping this will be a quick little post for you all this week, but this summer I've been to the beach on some occasions with family and friends on days out. Now as I'm the oldest out of my friends, I like to take on the role of the 'mum who has everything,' and so when it comes to packing my bag I like to be prepared and ready for what awaits. I've never actually done a 'What's In My Bag?' before so I'm hoping this will be a little fun summer version for you all if you're thinking of heading out to the beach this summer. Before reading on I'd also just like to add that I did bring some sun cream but didn't manage to include it in the pictures below, so just add that to your list, because sun safety is key too!

   This is basically my main bag, and yes it is huge. I found this little bargain in Primark for definitely less than £10, maybe £6. I find it really handy for anywhere I may need to bring a lot of things, like if I'm staying over at a friend's house perhaps. So in here I have the following:
  • Beach Towel, Matalan: Obviously an essential when you want to chill out.
  • Soap & Glory 'Mist You Madly' Body Spray, Boots £3.50 / £6.50: Me and my friends adore this scent for summer, it's also something we borrow from one another if any of us has it. I find it really fresh and girly.
  • Umbrella, Poundland: Practical in this UK weather. But I also used this as a beach umbrella to keep my bag and shoes covered.
  • Frisbees, Poundland: I actually bought these on the way to the beach, but it's always a good idea to bring something to keep you entertained. We also brought a football, and my family like to bring disposable BBQ's too!
  • Fudge Sea Salt Spray, Superdrug NOW £3.48: Usually if I'm going to the beach I'll leave my hair natural and then just bring this if I need a bit of texture or lift. I love this one because it smells like cococnut, and holidays, and all things summer to be honest.
  • Books (Looking for Alaska by John Green): This was featured in my last blog post here, but if you're like me then a book is a good way to relax.
  • Electricals: Of course being in the generation I am, I can't forget to bring my phone, iPod, camera ect. So when I do bring them I like to keep them in this clear zip-up makeup bag; which I think is from a No.7 gift set, but it acts as a good protector - Especially when there's sand everywhere

   Wherever I go I also take my little travel makeup bag, which I got from Primark for about £2 I think. I am actually in need of a new one before I start college actually, just because the shape can be a little awkward, but the size is perfect for me. In this I bought most things from Superdrug really cheaply, so here I have:
  • Dove Hand Cream
  • Halls Throat Sweets
  • Mini Perfume Tester
  • Hair bobbles / Hair slides (or bobby pins as you Americans call them)
  • Plasters (Like I said, I like to be the mum of the group)
  • Compact Mirror
  • Lipstick of the Day (That day it was Topshop's Infrared, which is my favourite orange shade for summer and I wore it non-stop last year)
  • Hand gel
  • Nivea Lip Butter
  • Hair Comb
   And there you have it, my entire beach bag! I hope you've enjoyed having a little nosey, I know I do anyway when people do these types of posts or videos. And if you're doing anything nice this summer then let me know! Sadly I'm not going on holiday this year, but I think I'm in definite need of a rest too after my exams a.k.a. Netflix 24/7. But anyways, thank you for reading as always and I'll be back next week...


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  1. A lovely post - I love What's In My Bag posts, seeing what every one claims is they're Holy Grail!

    Reta :) ♥ x

    1. Thank you Reta, me too haha!

      Meg ♡