Hello! Last week like many other nervous teenagers across the country, I received my GCSE results after completing them at the beginning of June. Finishing my exams seems like a lifetime ago now, walking out of that exam hall with a big sigh of relief, so I couldn't really remember whether I had done any good. But my friends made me get up extra early so we could walk up to school together and get our results as soon as it turned 9:30am. When we got there I suddenly felt nostalgic despite only being gone for a couple of months, I even said 'Oh it smells of school,' I didn't know what I meant by that either, it just has a certain smell... Anyway when we finally got our envelopes I looked across the room to find my friend crying her eyes out. I suddenly felt upset myself and panicked fearing the worst. Thankfully she was crying tears of happiness as she achieved an A in maths after working super hard over the past 2 years - I should know, I sat next to her, and I couldn't have been prouder. After the initial panic I then opened mine apprehensively, only to be surprised, happy, emotional, proud, so many feelings!
   I know some people don't like it when others post results, so I wasn't so sure whether you would want to read a list of grades, but I think I would like to share them on here just because my hard work paid off. I even took a couple of months off from blogging on here just because I wanted to knuckle down and get as much work done as possible. Although I did catch up sometimes with the blogging world, I must admit. So, in the end what did I get? Well I have been doing some sort of work towards my GCSE's since year 9, whether it be exam preparation, and assessment piece or the (endless) amounts of coursework, but in the end I achieved:
Maths: B
Drama: A*
English Literature: A*
English Language: A*
Geography: A
Additional Science: A
Core Science: B
French: A
RE: A*
   With my results I was particularly over the moon about my drama and geography for two reasons. With drama, I want to take this in college so getting a top grade was amazing for me, and it was my first exam so I tried extra hard to do well. When it comes to geography, sadly I'll be glad to see the back of it, but the reason I was so happy about getting an A is because before I was getting C's and D's, which isn't entirely the end of the world but I knew I could do better, I just needed to apply myself which I did in the end. Overall I am so relieved, I made my family super proud, and most importantly I got into the college I wanted to go to! I'm so excited to start next week, but also extremely nervous. It's a new environment, new people, new teachers, but I know that the new experience will be amazing. My high school chapter has now officially ended I guess, and even though I will miss it, I know I've got so much to look forward to in the future. Before I go, obviously congrats to everyone else who got results recently and I wish you all the best for the future. If you're reading this and you're in the same position as me, then don't worry we can go through this together! Thank you for reading lovelies, again I know sharing my results is a little personal, but I felt happy enough to share them with you. But other than that, I'll be back next week with my favourites from this summer!

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  1. Those are amazing results - congratulations! Good luck for college next week x

    Reta :) ♥ x

  2. You have done absolutely amazingly. I hope you're going to have so much fun in college x

    1. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to it!

      Meg ♡