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   Hello once again my lovelies, if you haven't read my last 'Lush Legends' post then check it out here. But this week I'm going to be reviewing the two shower gels that came in my Lush set. Now, I have never tried any of the Lush shower gels before, but boy was I missing out! I do have a slight confession to make though, I don't actually have a shower, so I used these as a body wash / bubble bath - Both of which worked well. 

   The first one is the Happy Hippy shower gel, and is by far my favourite out of the two I had. Everything about this I love, the smell of fresh fruit was incredible and would be so refreshing in summer. It's also quite thick, and definitely has the 'gel' consistency. Despite being the smallest sized bottle Lush sells, it also lasted me quite a long time (Considering I used it pretty much every time I had a bath) As with both shower gels, they lathered really nicely and created lovely soft bubbles which I loved. In the future I probably will be repurchasing this product - Maybe even getting the next bottle size up, I love it that much! ...Plus the name is really cute.

   The second one I tried was The Olive Branch, and despite the olive-y scent not being my preferred choice, it wasn't that strong so I could still enjoy it. With this shower gel, I found that you had to shake the bottle before using it as it separated, and created a milky colour; which then resulted in the shower gel being much thinner, almost like a bath milk instead. Sadly I don't think I will be repurchasing this product purely because of my own scent preference, but the lather quality of this product was really good and I found you didn't need a lot either to get lots of bubbles!

   After using these two shower gels I will definitely be checking out some more from Lush - I even saw a cherry one which looked amazing! Overall I would recommend these shower gels, but perhaps not if you're on a budget as they price from £4.50 for the smallest to £15.45 for the largest (which is super pricey for a shower gel) and there are some great drugstore shower gels at the moment for less money.

Thank you for reading as always and I'll see you soon...

Check out more Lush shower gels on there website here.


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