Hello one and all, I've been seriously excited about this post, simply because it seemed like I was waiting for this night for years. I even remember writing a post about prom dresses and the decisions I was trying to make here. In the end, as you'll see from many pictures, my prom dress dilemma was resolved and I found the perfect dress for me! 
   Prior to the prom day itself I had already dyed my hair the week before and decided to go slightly lighter for summer. I didn't really do a hair update post purely because I wasn't so sure about the colour, perhaps because I had been so dark for a long time. But when they tried and tested my hairstyle for the day I came round to the idea of having highlights. 
   The day itself seemed quite relaxed, as I had my hair and makeup done at a salon, but then the night itself went way too quickly which was kinda sad. But going back to the start of the evening, we all met together at my friend's house for some drinks and pictures, and then the limo came to take us to the venue where the whole of my school year met. There we had a lovely meal (veggie of course) and then the heels came off and the dancing started... Or more just jumping up and down and singing very badly. At the back of the venue there was a stunning garden area where were just talked to friends and even ran down a hill - So classy. The night was amazing, and my teachers even got on the dance floor and had a dance-off with some of the students... Honestly it was amazing. Some of the songs that played that night will always remind me of prom now I think, especially when 5 Seconds of Summer came on, and the majority of girls simultaneously screamed and ran to the dance floor - Myself included!
   For the last few songs we all just jumped around, had fun and enjoyed the time we had with people who we may not see again. Luckily for me most of my friends are going to the same college which I'm so pleased about. After the final song we jumped in a taxi and had a girly night at my friend's house which was the best way to end the night for me. My closest friends mean so much to me, and spending it with them was the best thing ever. However I only ended up going to sleep at about 6am, and that day we were meant to be going into Manchester for a shopping day, so you can imagine how tired we were.
   Nevertheless my prom night was unforgetable and it was such a nice way to finally end my high school experience. Everyone always says their prom goes too quickly, and I agree entirely. I would love to do it all over again, but now I'm just excited for a new start at college and making new memories. But don't worry, of course I've picked out a few of the many pictures that were took that day, so here you go...

My grandad is a pro-photobomber

Limo Selfie

My lovely drama teacher!

My favourite teachers, ever.

Prom Dress - Online
Clutch Bag - Debenhams

   As for my dress and style, it was pretty restrained in terms of colour as I didn't really want a bright dress. Instead I really loved the vintage style of this dress, especially the detailing which was just so beautiful. With the silver in this detailing I found a simple glittery clutch bag which worked well, along with some pointed nude heels which you can't really see - But overall I was so happy with this look! As for my hair and makeup I decided on a simple, pretty look with a pink lip and winged liner. I also found pictures of 30's curls for hairstyles because I just love that old Hollywood era, and I think it worked well with the highlights in my hair.
   In the end, all of the googling different styles and makeup was worth it, and I was so happy with the look I achieved for prom. Personally I just wanted something different because that kinda my style, so I hope maybe this has given some people inspiration if you have your prom next year - And if you do I'm really jealous, I wish I could do mine all over again! Thank you for reading and I'll be back next week with quite a new style of post for me, exciting I know...


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  1. You look absolutely beautiful! Love your hair colour and the way it's been styled. Your makeup is wonderful - you've made me excited for my prom next year!

    Reta :) ♥ x

    1. Thank you Reta, I hope you have an amazing time next year! I'll be looking forward to seeing your pictures :-)

      Meg ♡

  2. Oh you looked stunning at prom, your dress is beautiful! And I just realised you live in Manchester too! Hope you had a love time :) x

    1. Thank you so much! A fellow northerner of course, and yes I had an amazing time, I just can't believe it's over!

      Meg ♡