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   Hey guys and gals, this week I'm starting off my Lush Legends series with the famous lip scrubs which seem a particular favourite for any Lush addict. The first one I have is the Bubblegum flavour which came in the Lush Legends set, and one that I have had before and loved! (I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, it might have been in my skincare routine from ages ago) But anywho this lip scrub smells of pure bubblegum, so it's quite sweet and tastes yummy. As with all of the lip scrubs they're really good at getting rid of any dead skin; which is why I find them best in winter, but don't forget to use a good lip balm after to keep your lips soft and supple. With this one though I do find it's more sugary? I can't describe it with text, but I would say the Mint Julips flavour is more moisturising... Not the best explanation! Another great thing about the Bubblegum one in particular is that the colour is bright pink, and the little jars are also quite handy to travel about with, perhaps if you're staying overnight somewhere.

   The next one I have is the Mint Julips flavour; which is a kinda mint choc chip flavour and smells really good, yet again. As said before, this one doesn't seem as drying as the Bubblegum one for some reason, but still works just as good - Maybe even better! However with these little jars, I do think they are a little pricey (At £5.50 each) But if you're willing to pay then I would definitely recommend them, and they are also a good investment, as my first one lasted me a good couple of months. 
   The only other flavour I have't tried from Lush is the Popcorn lip scrub, and that's purely because I did not like the taste of it when I tried it out in store. It was quite salty and I wasn't a big fan. I also think Lush should come out with some new flavours, maybe a Nutella flavour? Or Skittle flavour? Just some ideas that spring to mind...

   Overall, despite the price, these little life savers have saved my lips many a times in winter - Especially before wearing a matte lipstick. Anyway I hope this review has been beneficial in some way to you reading this, and I'll be back next week with another post!

Bye lovelies...


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  1. we had no idea they did a mint choc chip flavour!! We'll have to check it out! Lip scrubs are definitely a must before matte lipsticks. Can't wait to see what other lush products you recommend!

    1. The mint choc chip is my favourite! And I'm glad you enjoyed the post sweeties :-)

      Meg ♡

  2. Really nice post,dear!
    Keep in touch!!
    xoxo Antonella

    1. Thank you! I made sure to follow on Google :-)

      Meg ♡