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   Hello everyone, this week I thought I would introduce to you a little gift I received over Christmas that claims to give that false lash effect without the fuss of tweezers and glue. I myself have never actually worn false lashes, since I've never really had a reason too, and if I'm honest they do seem like a bit of a faff. So when I was given this, I was more than a little intrigued as to how it actually does it - And supposedly transforms my lashes.

   When I opened the little cardboard tube, I found what looked like any other mascara, however when I opened it up I didn't find the normal mascara wand. Instead I found small white fibres along the bristles and it looked like candyfloss if I'm honest. When I read the instructions, it said to start off by applying your normal everyday mascara, and so for this little demo I used my Revlon Lash Potion Mascara. You then use the fibres wand and start straight from the root of the lashes, so the fibres apparently stick to the mascara. All you have to do then is wait for a minute, and then add another coat of your normal mascara. I guess the fibres extend your own lashes, or are supposed to build volume.
   Before I actually tried it out for myself, I did do some research from a couple of other blogs, just in case I had read the instructions wrong. When browsing through some of the reviews, most people found that it didn't really work at all, and that the firbres didn't really help. So, instead of following the intructions, I dipped the fibre wand into my normal mascara, and applied it this way instead.

   The results below show not much difference at first glance, but for me I could tell that it had made my lashes a little thicker and a lot darker in reality. I agree with other bloggers that it may not give the 'false lashes without the fuss' however I must give it credit for the thickness that it gave to my lashes. Of course, some people have different lashes to others, some may be short, long, thin or thick. So I guess this may give different results to different people. I mean, my neighbour said she uses this and she loves it!

   Well that's it from me for this post. Overall, I probably wouldn't have bought this myself if I didn't get it as a gift. But I think it's a really good idea, and like I said, it will probably have different effects on different people. But anyway thank you for reading as always, and I shall see you all next week!

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  1. Thats a very interesting mascara wand! Your lashes look great though


    1. It was a surprise to me too, but thank you!

      Meg ♡

  2. What a strange wand! Never seen anything like that before :-O

    Sharlotte //

    1. It is a very unique wand, but it did lengthen my lashes a little!

      Meg ♡