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   Well, it's officially December now and the signs of Christmas are starting to appear, especially with all of the Christmas adverts on TV (Especially John Lewis who never fail with their annual ad) And this year there are a few little things that I would love to get, or have had my eye on for a long time now. I think most things I would like are beauty related, but there is a fashion item towards the end which I like to think is a wardrobe staple.

1. Sleek Blush in Flushed - Superdrug £4.49
   To me, this looks like a lovely blush for this time of year, and the slightly darker pink, almost plum, tones in this is something I don't have in my blush collection. I've heard great things from Sleek blushes, and the brand in general, not only for their pricing but for the actual product too. The only reason I don't own anything from them yet is because I don't have a Superdrug nearby that sells them which is saddening. 

2. Real Techniques Blush Brush - Fragrance Direct £8.99
   I like to think my Real techniques brush collection is starting to expand, once I bought my core collection and the starter set. And now I would love to own their blush brush, since it can be used for other things, apart from blush of course. I've seen people use this for powdering or applying bronzer. It also seems like quite a dense brush which I like, as it applies the product nicely.

3. Nicky Clarke Ceramic Waving Wand -  Debenhams £20
   Ever since I can remember, I've always curled my hair using straighteners, since it's always been easier for me with my ghd's. But now I think it's time to get a good curling wand that I can use for everyday looks. Unlike most curling wands, this has a different shape to create waves rather than your standard curl. I saw this in Company magazine and loved the image used of the Olsen twins. Beach waves automatically appeal to me, so hopefully this can give me that look!
4. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo - Debenhams around £15
   Now here's a statement for you all that might be a surprise: "I don't own a MAC product" Yes, I said it. But after much debate I decided I wanted my first product from them to be something that I would actually wear, and get use of. Therefore I went with Ruby Woo as it's a popular red shade among many beauty gurus and bloggers all over the world. I'm actually also really excited about this the most out of all the products shown, just because it looks like the perfect red.
5. Lush - Candy Mountain £2.65 / Mint Julips Lip Scrub £5.50 / Butterball Bath Bomb £2.50
   So hey, Lush has their Christmas range out, and yes you've probably seen Candy Mountain a thousand and one times on here, but I really want to try it out anyway. I also ran out of my Bubblegum Lip Scrub and I've been meaning to order another one. Apparently this Mint Julips one tastes like mint choc-chip, and the scrub itself is also really effective for my lips when they get dry - Especially in winter with the arctic temperatures we have in the UK. The last bath bomb is Butterball; which I've seen Fleurdeforce feature in her Lush Haul video. I love Lush as a brand in general, and if you've never tried them before then you have to.

6. Urban Decay Flushed Palette - Debenhams £18
   This is a little much to ask for, and I may even ask for Sleek's Lace Palette; which is supposedly a really good dupe for this. But something about Urban Decay just lures me in, like I have to have it! I fell in love with the Basics Palette, so I think I would fall in love with this pretty quickly too. This palette comes with a bronzer, highlighter and a pretty pink blush; which is something I could use everyday, as I do anyway with my Benefit Hoola bronzer and different blushes.

7. Topshop Black Moto Joni Jeans - £36
   And finally we have my one little fashion piece to finish off. I don't own much Topshop clothing, but their jeans have always stood out to me as being good quality, but the price also shows for that. Since I'm only young, £36 can be a little pricey to pay for a pair of jeans, but these seem like something I could get real use out of and love. The simple black colour will go with the majority of my clothes, and the high-waisted style is also good for people who want to make their waist look smaller, like moi.

   And, well I guess that is would I would like for Christmas this year. I'll have to see what happens on Christmas morning, but I definitely think that MAC lipstick is at the top of my list for sure. Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for your list this year, or some ideas on some cheeky splurges for yourself. Anyway I shall speak to you all next week my lovelies, bye bye...


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