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   Hello my lovelies! I have to say, when I first purchased my first Matte Lipstick many months ago, it became my obsession... And still is. Rimmel London are probably my favourite brand for drugstore lipsticks, and their Kate Moss collection is amazing. I particularly love the matte lipsticks, and so this week I thought I would show you my little collection of them. I don't have as many as other lipstick addicts may have, but I'm more than happy with the colours I own, and I think I have a good range of colours for all year round. 

No. 101
   I thought I would go in numerical order with these lipsticks, so this is the first one. No. 101 is basically a girly pink that looks lovely in summer or winter time. I like to wear this as an everyday-type colour as it's not very bold, and works nicely with a natural eye too. I featured this recently in a previous blog post here, where I paired it up with a pink lip gloss. Out of the three I'm showing you, I would say this is the least matte one. Even though it does leave a matte finish, it doesn't feel as dry, and still feels smooth on the lips which I like.

No. 107
   Now here we have the infamous shade 107, probably known by many by the lovely Zoe Sugg. This is a really nice colour for this time of year, and I just love red lipsticks in general. On some pictures I've seen this colour look brighter or darker depending on how much you apply. However, for a much darker red I would recommend Rimmel London's 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in 063 Black Tulip. Unlike No. 101, this is definitely more matte, with it's finish and feel on the lips - So I probably wouldn't recommend this if you get particularly dry lips in the colder months. Nevertheless, it is a lovely colour, and the pigmentation of these lipsticks is amazing for the price. 

No. 110
   The last shade I have is No. 110, and this is not for someone who doesn't like a bright, bold lip. This colour is an amazing coral colour, but it is more of a red-toned coral. Like the No. 101, this has a smooth finish on the lips but still looks matte. I wore this quite a bit in the summer, and generally it's a good colour to have in your lipstick collection for summer 2014.

   And that is that! I know I don't have many, but like I said, I think I have a good range of colours for different make-up looks. I love matte lipsticks, so if you have any recommendations then let me know? I'm always looking for great lipsticks, since they're probably my favourite makeup item. Thank you for reading, and hopefully this has inspired you to expand on your Kate Moss collection.

You can buy Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipsticks at any Boots or Superdrug for £5.49


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  1. I have an addiction with Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks! I have both 107 & 110, major love for them.
    Becka x

    1. They're great colours to have! I'm the same with this collection, all of the colours are so pretty :-)

      Meg ♡

  2. I think that rimmel london kate moss lipsticks are cool! they have good coverage and are very moisturizing! I had a nude color, but I don't remember its number. I'm falling in love with your n° 107!
    I love your blog and you review :) so i'm new follower!
    if you want, you can visit my blog:
    kisses :*

    1. Thank you Marta! The nude colour you have might be Nude Delight by Rimmel London, and I agree, they are great coverage for a drugstore lip product!

      Meg ♡