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   Ok, so I know I may be a day or two (or 10) late on my October favourites, but I've been preparing a few blog posts for this month. I'm really trying my hardest to make my blog better, and I'm grateful for my 30 followers because I like to think that they followed me because they enjoy reading my posts! But anyway, the month of October was busy and stressful, with exams to prepare for and other events going on. Now though, I can show you what I've been loving recently...

1. Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray - Superdrug £2.95
   This was a great offer from Superdrug, and I've been meaning to pick up a new heat defence spray after my Charles Worthington Heat Spritz ran out. From using this, I've found my hair to be a lot softer and shinier, as well as noticing some improvements to my endless dead ends. It also smells quite nice and I'll probably be picking up another before the price goes up again to £5.99.

2. Baylis and Harding Great Hair Moisture Drench Shampoo + Conditioner - Asda £4 each
   These were initially a random buy from my mum when she was shopping in Asda, which like an English Walmart. For £4 these are an amazing bargain, as you get a huge bottle of product; which has also changed my hair for the better. These both include Moroccan Argon Oil extract, so my hair feels soft and smooth, however the conditioner is quite thin. I'm also not particularly keen on the pump, since you have to press down several times before actually getting a reasonable amount of product out. Despite this, I will be asking my mum to pick up these again since I love them so much - Plus I love the blue, white and gold packaging which is a bonus!

3. Barry M Matte Nail Polish (£3.99) / Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover (£2.50) - Boots
   This month I've also worn a lot of burgundy colours, and this nail polish has been lovely to wear on weekends - Since my school is really strict on nail polish. I really love these new matte formulas from Barry M, and if you apply two coats it turns a much deeper burgundy. My nan also bought me this nail polish remover in the summer and I've used it ever since. I was telling her about the Bourjois version, but she managed to find a cheaper alternative for me; which I assume works just as well. Inside the tub is a sponge, which you twist around your finger to remove the nail polish. It's simple, easy and cheap, what more could you want?

4. Clear Pump Dispenser - Ebay 99p
   A Youtuber called Lily Melrose talked about this in a video, and for 99p I thought I might as well try it out. I use this with my L'Oreal Micellar Water, and it's really useful since I usually end up using too much product, if I were to use the bottle it actually comes in. This little bottle has been handy this month, and is also quite small so it's easy to travel with. All you do is simply grab a cotton pad and pump it on the top for the product to come out.

5. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette - £20
   I finally got it! My first Urban Decay product, and I chose to go with something I could use all the time. I couldn't really bring myself to spend £37 on one of their Naked Palettes, but maybe in the future when I can save my pennies up. However, this palette is more than enough for me, and I've been using it every week. All of the eye shadows are matte, and look lovely for day or night. When I first got it, I found it to be smaller than I thought it would be, but that just made it easier to take around with me if needed.

6. Hair Bows
   For my hair, I've found to be wearing these hair bows lately, and think they look so sweet. The large black one was from Boots for £2, when it should have been £6.50, and the small pink ones were from H&M for £1.99. I like to wear the small pink ones when my hair is in a ponytail, and clip then onto the bobble. For the larger black one, I wear this when my hair is half-up half-down at the back.

7. Disney Films
   Ok, ok, so everyone has to have a random favourite, and mine this month has got to be Disney films. No matter how old I am, I don't think I'll ever get bored of watching them. My favourite ones this month have been Hercules, Mulan and Tangled. I used to watch Hercules on video when I was little, and I've always loved Meg in the film (Not just because we have the same name though) All of them are great films, and if you haven't watched any *cough Roslyn Knight cough* then you have to.

And ta-daa! They were my favourites for the month of October. I hope you have enjoyed reading this week, and I shall see you soon with another post next weekend. Bye bye...


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