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   On Monday 16th September (A while ago, I know) me and my dad got the chance to watch Roger Waters: The Wall at MEN Arena in Manchester. Now, for people who may not know, Roger Waters was the bassist and co-lead vocalist in Pink Floyd. And if you don't know who Pink Floyd are, then, just Google it. Anyway, for me it was my first time, but for my dad he had already seen the show twice already; once in Manchester and once in Dublin. Luckily my dad's friend bought us the ticket, so we were both really grateful, and thanked him with a Pizza Hut before the show (Who wouldn't want that)
   When we got to the arena, the start of a wall was being built across the whole width of the arena, so you can imagine how big it was. Plus they were all made out of individual blocks that would be built onto throughout the show. My dad has always told me about the 'show' aspect of The Wall, and how the effects made the story even better - Along with the music, of course. But I've got to say, my dad was right! I remembered most of the songs from when I was little, when my dad would play the whole album for me in the car. The show was also amazing, and it made me understand each song better.

      I must sadly admit, I did tear up a little for a song called Goodbye Blue Sky, just because it was my favourite when I was little, and seeing it live was unreal. They had tons of different effects, from lighting, to explosions, to a flying plane that crashed into the wall!  They also had a giant floating pig that made its way around the arena which was quite funny - But at one point it did block my view. For a guy who's 70 years old, he didn't sing half bad either, in fact he also played the bass too which was great to see. The whole band in general was amazing, and everything was amazing, and I'm just going to keep saying amazing.

Yes, that is a giant pig you can see.
Roger Waters Himself
   If you don't know any songs from The Wall, then the most popular is probably the one that goes "All in all you're just another brick in the wall," or just YouTube the song here. When they actually performed that song, they had a giant inflatable model of a weird monster-teacher thing. It was a little creepy. They also got some children up on stage for the chanting part of the song, and he said the children live locally and they invite different children for each show. I thought that was really lovely, but I was a little envious of them if I'm honest.

   I know this may seem a little random, since my last posts have been mainly beauty related lately. But I also want to let you guys know what I'm up to everyday, and it just so happens that I saw this show with my dad. Recently I've also been talking to more beauty bloggers on here and it's really nice to share different things we love. I'm starting to really enjoy blogging a lot more, so thank you to the people reading this, and thank you to anyone who has followed recently! I'll be back next weekend like always with another post, but for now have a great week-end, bye bye...


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  1. This sounds great I loved your pictures too <3

  2. AHHH! That is so incredibly cool, I'm very jealous! ♥

    1. Ah, it was such a great show!

      Meg ♡