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   Hello my lovelies, now I like to think of myself as an organised shopper, since usually I’ll have a list of things to buy and the money I have to spend. And this time I did, I promise, but then I went into Boots and got a little overthrown by the buy 1 get 1 half price offer. And thanks to this, I bought myself my second set of Real Techniques brushes. This time I purchased the Starter Set for £22.00, but I was originally going to save myself a few pounds and buy them from here. I thought since I have them now, I would show you each individual brush just in case you may be thinking of buying them yourself. This post will be a little like my previous overview of the Real Techniques Core Collection; which I wrote about here, but I hope this will be helpful...

1. Deluxe Crease Brush
This first brush is the largest in the set, and I would use this to blend out any eye shadow to prevent any harsh lines. It can also be good for contouring the eye since it's quite a fluffy brush too. I've actually used this with a Maybelline Colour Tattoo and it works really well to blend the colour out and leave a subtle finish.

2. Base Shadow Brush
The second largest brush in this set is a simple base brush to apply your eye shadow first. Thanks to the taklon bristles this does make eye shadow a lot easier to apply, since it's a lot softer than any other eye brushes I have. With the real techniques brushes too, I really like the feel of the brushes since you can hold it easily and firmly.

3. Brow Brush
Now personally, I actually don't fill in my eyebrows and I never have. I've actually been fortunate to have relatively nice shaped eye brows, and I don't feel like I need to fill them in. That might change when I'm older, but for now I don't think there's any point. As well as eyebrows, you could also use this to apply eyeliner across the eye with gel eyeliner, or even just dampening the brush with some eye shadow to define the eye.

4. Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush
As well as the brow brush I could also use this for my eyeliner, since the brush is super small and, I guess, would be great for fine eyeliner and precision. I'm not a professional when it comes to eyeliner application, but maybe with the right tools I'll be a little better.

5. Accent Brush
The last brush is by far the smallest, and for this one I would perhaps use this for small areas of the eye, whether it be for smudging or highlighting. I actually have a similar brush from Elf Cosmetics which I sometimes use with concealer for any small spot areas. Also, most people use this for lip products, to get a much more vibrant lip colour and precise application.

   And that is all of the brushes! I have to say, if you have the money, then I would obviously recommend these like most beauty bloggers do. The next on my Real Techniques hit list has to be their powder brush which is supposed to be really good. I do hope this has been as informative as it can be, thank you for reading, and I shall see you all next week!


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