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   Hello! First of all apologies for not posting last week, the internet in my house was playing up, so I didn't have access to any social media for a whole week - Although, I was pretty impressed with myself for not going on Blogger as much. Anyway, I did have this planned for last week, but I thought I would write one last Autumn blog post as well as mixing it with my September favourites. So I guess this is killing two birds with one stone, or something along those lines anyway.


1. Body Shop Body Butters (Raspberry and Tangerine) - £13 each
These have been my little indulgence this month, thanks to my birthday and a Body Shop voucher I had. I think I've talked about these before in my previous Autumn beauty post, but these scents are also incredible. Some may say fruity scents are only meant for summer, but I say if you like the smell then why not use it? I think smelling like a raspberry is great personally. The only thing is, I seem to use them up really quickly, but it's probably just because I love to use them all the time.

2. Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Eau de Toilette 
Yet again another Body Shop product, but that place has been my home from home this month. I also got this for my birthday along with the matching lotion. This little sweet scent is amazing, but I wouldn't recommend it if you like fresh scents. Plus, this 50ml bottle will last me a while, since I've been using it all month and hardly made a mark. Overall I would say the perfumes and body scents are all so good from the Body Shop, and I even choose to wear these over my DKNY perfume. 

3. Garnier Soothing 2 in 1 Make-up Remover - Superdrug £2.99
Now usually I will just go with my Simple eye make-up remover as it doesn't irritate my eyes in any way. However recently I thought I would try another brand, and came across this fancy bottle with the two coloured liquids. Before you use this you have to shake the bottle to turn the entire liquid blue, and then you can remove your make-up. It's really simple and easy to do, and unlike Simple, this leaves me eyes feeling so soft. The only thing I would say is that I think I'm going to use this up quickly, since the product comes out fast when I apply to a cotton pad. I'm currently wanting a pump or dispenser which would really help.

4. Maybelline Colour Tattoos (Metallic Pomegranate and Pink Gold) - Boots £4.99 each
Of course if you love drugstore make-up then you will have heard of these a lot! These two colours are my first Colour Tattoos, but I thought they would look good together, with the pink all over the lid and the darker shade in the crease. Like everyone says, they're really easy to apply (As I found the other week, whilst doing my make-up on the train) and the pigmentation is also good for the price, definitely. I think I may have to check out some more of the colours within this range, and I'll probably pick up their bronze colour since that has also been the 'hyped over' colour.

5. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush
With the Colour Tattoos, I also like to use this fluffy brush to blend out the edges of my eye shadow. I bought this within the Starter Set from Real techniques, and I've actually got a blog post about the entire set soon!


1. Burgundy Beanie - New Look £4.99
I actually bought this at the beginning of this month before school started, but I've just been wearing it as the days become that little bit colder. Any excuse to wear a beanie and I will, and I think this burgundy colour is so pretty for fall. Plus, the knitted material is super comfy, and the bobble on the back just made me want it more when I first saw this hat.

My 'tired after school' face for you all to see

2. Navy Blue Duffle Coat - Primark £25
I know, I know, I said I wanted a Boyfriend coat for winter, and I still do! But when I saw this in Primark instead I couldn't resist. I wear this for school mostly at the moment, but it's really cosy and keeps me warm. I also love the tartan lining inside and in the hood; which also actually fits over my head for once (Roslyn will understand that joke) Overall, this style of coat is great for winter, and a good classic coat to purchase.


This month my music taste has changed a little, since I've found some really great songs that have been on repeat constantly...

I first heard this on an advert and instantly fell in love since it's just a really chilled song. Plus, she's only 14 which I think is insane!
This has to be my guilty pleasure for the month, but there's a few songs on this album that I've grown to love. My favourites are probably Honeymoon Avenue and Tattooed Heart. I don't personally like Ariana Grande, but her voice is great.
This band started out on YouTube originally, and I actually remeber seeing one of their videos last year but thought nothing of it. This is their new single, and it's just really catchy and something you could easily listen to all day.
This is nothing like the other songs here, it's more of an emotional cover of the original song, but still just as lovely.

   Well, that's just been a few favourites of mine this month, and I'm sure there are lots more to come this winter. Hopefully the internet won't have another breakdown from now on, so I can post again next week, but in the mean time I better get some sleep. I'll be regretting staying up this late tomorrow when I have to get up for work. Bye bye my lovelies!


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  1. How beautiful are the Body Shop products? I am obsessed with them at the moment..just placed a huge order with them. Head on over to my blog for a future post about them.
    Becka! :) x

    1. Ah I know, I'm sure I'll be making another visit soon! I'll definitely watch out for that post too :-)

      Meg ♡