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   Hello my lovelies, how are you? I'm feeling amazing, as of right now, I'm publishing this in Greece and it's a m a z i n g. I hope to be posting next week too whilst I'm here, and I might do and ootw if I have any time. But this week I thought I would talk to you about interior decor and all that jazz. Now hopefully next year I'll be able to re-decorate my bedroom, since now I think I'm outgrowing the whole 'posters everywhere' phase. And for my new bedroom I have a few ideas of what I want it to be like, including the general layout, as well as colours and accessories of course. At the moment I have two feature walls, and the general colour scheme is mainly brown with some blue as well. When I picked these colours I was really happy with them, but now I think I want to go for something a little fresher. That's why I'm thinking of having some walls white, with two of the walls being a mint or peppermint-y colour. I think the white would definitely make my room look bigger, and mint is my favourite colour, so yep.


   Right now the furniture in my boudoir is all white, and so I really want to keep some of it including my set of draws and wardrobe. All of my furniture is also from IKEA, so that will be featured a LOT in this post. For my new bedroom I'm hoping to buy this Expedit Shelving Unit (IKEA £35), and maybe buy some straw-type storage boxes, just to store all of my beauty products and anything else I don't have room for. I also saw these Sheer Curtains (IKEA £5) which can be cut to a certain length. I thought these would look nice over some blinds with some fairy lights around the top. They also reminded me of Zoella's curtains too in her room tour video. For my wardrobe I like to be organised, and so I thought this wardrobe organiser (IKEA £8.50) would be useful to tidy away any jeans or tops I might not have room for. And it's easy to fit in your wardrobe, with it having a simple loop fasten to fit around the clothes pole.

   For some extra wardrobe storage, I also found this Algot white Wire Storage Basket (IKEA £3) I thought these would be great to store my shoes in. As right now they live under my bed gathering dust, but they could be used to store pretty much anything you want. Hopefully in my new room I'll be able to get a double bed, since my friend has one and it looks too good! Since I'm getting older too, it's not like I need much floor space, so it would be able to fit but also giving me some floor space if I need it. I loved this Leirvik White Bed Frame (IKEA £105) For the price I'm not expecting it to last for years, but I love the simple design. Next to my bed I also really want a little side table, and I loved this Lindved Side Table (IKEA £15) I think I'd like one just to keep my phone on when I'm in bed, or maybe some flowers or something. I dunno. 


   For me, little accessories like these make the room that little bit more personal, especially if they're what you love. Here I found this white wooden cut-out heart holder here for £24.95. I realise this is an insane price for something so small, but something similar to this would be lovely to keep things in. I also found this piece of wall art (BHS £20) and I just love this saying so much. For lighting in my room I would love a floor lamp, and this white one is so lovely with the jewel detail ( £20) Currently in my room I have a pretty small mirror, but I would like to have a full-length one as well as a cosmetics mirror for when I'm doing my make up. This one is from IKEA £16. Other little accessories include this small wooden clock (Matalan £5) that I thought matched the wooden holder because of the love heart cut-out design. I also found this green lantern (IKEA £6) which I thought would suit the mint walls nicely. And I also found this wooden letter M here (Ebay £1.26) but of course they also do other letters too.

   For my bedding I really loved this patchwork design (BHS £17.50) Despite the generic-ness of this, I thought it would look really pretty and tie in the pastel colours nicely. I don't know why but I would also like a wire mannequin type thingy. This image is just something I found from google images, but if you know where I could buy one then please let me know. I just think they have a vintage style to them, and I really love that. My last little accessories include this white daisy picture frame (BHS £8) but sadly this is currently out of stock - Probably due to it being so pretty. And probably my favourite thing out of everything here is this Scrabble cushion with the letter 'M' on it (Urban Outfitters £20) I think this is amazing, and Urban Outfitters have so many nice designs on their cushions. I just want to buy them all!

   And well, that's it yet again! Those were just a few things from my huge list of bedroom ideas. But I hope that with me sharing them, they've perhaps given you a few ideas to add to your bedroom. Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend, and I shall see you next week bye bye...


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  1. wow, i think it will turn out lovely!

    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance

    1. Thank you Jessica! Hopefully it will turn out just right :)

      Meg xxx