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   Hi everyone, I guess somehow it's now August and I seriously can't believe we're half way through the year already! This month has seemed to fly by, and now it's passed, I only thought it was appropriate to have a go at my first EVER monthly favourites. Obviously these are some things I have been loving in the sunny month of July, and I have been using most of these things nearly everyday I would say.

Make Up / Beauty
  • No 7 Loose Powder Foundation - Boots £13.50
   This month I started to use this again after having my hair dyed, since it gave me more colour than my usual Rimmel Stay Matte powder does. I forgot how much I do love this, and I will surely be using this in August too.
  • Barry M Gelly (Greenberry) - Boots £3.99
   This was featured in my haul post not long ago, and ever since I have been using this so much on my fingers and toes (I've still got this colour on my toes as we speak) But it's just such a lovely bright colour for summer, and obviously there's so much love for these thick glossy formulas from Barry M. If you are about to buy one of these Barry M Gelly nail polishes, then I would recommend Greenberry to be the first colour you choose.
  • Topshop Lipstick 'Infrared' - Topshop £8
   At last! I have myself an orange lipstick! For ages now I have been longing for one of these in my life, since I usually just go for my classic red or occasional pink. But last weekend (I think) while shopping with my mum, I was trying on some clothes in the Topshop changing rooms, and I could hear my mum having a conversation with the shopping assistant. Anyway it ended up with my mum buying her and myself two lipsticks that the shop assistant was wearing at the time. Great story huh? I got 'Infrared', and my mum got herself 'Fire Cracker' which is quite similar. I love this bright orange colour at the moment, and I'm going to love it even more on holiday next week.

Bath & Body

  • Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Shampoo - Boots £1.96
   Due to my dead and horrid split ends, I've been using a number of products recently, and last month I started to use this shampoo. Don't worry though I didn't go through this whole bottle myself, it was a communal shampoo with the mother. I've got to say I do really like the smell of this, and it did make my hair a lot smoother, but when it came to my split ends I didn't really see a huge difference.
  • Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser (Cocoa Radiant) - Boots £4.99
   This was something I wasn't really so sure to include, purely because I got this at the end of last month. But I've seen this product featured in other blogs, and I agree with what they're saying. First of all the smell of this stuff, especially the cocoa one, smells insanely good! I also love the spray on applicator as it reminds me of my moisturiser mist from Soap and Glory. And of course the actual moisturiser itself, is really good, I've been using it most mornings and nights and it leaves my skin so supple.
  • Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub - Boots £8
   Like my No 7 powder this is something I've re-discovered that I used last year. In the past I loved how this made my skin feel, and it should do for the price of it. However last year I remember not using it as much as I should have because of the consistency and the smell (Or the non-existent smell) But somehow Soap and Glory have re-vamped this product, and added maple syrup to the scrub which I am crazy about. The smell is very sweet, but for some reason I just love it, and the consistency makes it much nicer to apply.

   These sunglasses have been my go-to pair this month for some reason, mostly because the brown goes with most outfits of mine. I got these a year ago I think from Primark for £1, but I'm sure you can still get something very similar now. They're basically a dupe for the Ray Ban style glasses, and I mostly like wearing the half-rimmed ones rather than the normal frames.


   Everyone has a random favourite, and mine this month has been this drink from Innocent. I mostly drink their juices rather than their smoothies, and in this warm weather fruity drinks are my calling, particularly this one since I love all things mango related.

   Well that's it everyone, they were my monthly favourites for July! I hope this has been enjoyable to read, and I hope to do one again next month. Just a little update, next week I will be jetting off to Greece so I might actually be posting while I'm there, depending on if my tablet lets me. So hopefully I shall see you all next weekend as usual, bye bye...


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  1. Only just discovered your blog today and I love it!
    You have so many great posts.

    Holly xx

    1. Thank you Holly, that really means a lot! I made sure to follow you on bloglovin too, love your blog :)

      Meg xxx