CRETE 2013


   Hello again for the second time this week, and as promised I have selected some holidays snaps from my trip to Crete in Greece this year. In total, there were 8 of us going, including my family, as well as my auntie, uncle and two cousins. Last year my auntie and her family also went to Crete, in fact they even stayed in the same apartments as we did this year. However for my uninteresting family, this was our first time in Crete, in fact it was our first time abroad, ever.

   We headed out on Friday morning to the airport where I had some pre-flight nachos and a cheeky Starbucks to prepare myself for the flight. Flying itself I found to be not too bad, take off was a little funny at first, but then once in the air it felt amazing. For some, flying is nothing, but I was just excited for the fact I could see clouds, and had yet another Starbucks coffee too. Once we landed I definitely felt the heat; which at first I thought was just the plane engine, but oh how wrong I was. It then took an hour and a half to collect our bags, and then we took a taxi to the apartments. The rooms themselves where pretty basic, but the general vibe from there was great. Everyone was friendly, and we even made really good friends with two other families who stayed next to us - We're even organising a meal out soon with everyone we met.

   In the day we would just lay about the pool and sunbathe, or go out to the sea and go in the waves. Then at night we went out for a meal almost every night, apart from when my mama was poorly, so we just ordered food from the hotel bar. The restaurants we did go to were all lovely, and each accommodated to my vegetarian needs which was surprising. I also tried new food and drink whilst being there, including fried octopus (Which did actually taste like chicken) swordfish, and my personal favourite pina colada.

A fruit cocktail, pina colada and a pistachio milkshake.
One of the restaurants even had a parrot outside
The view we had at one of the restaurants we went to (#nofilter)
Our last night at the best Chinese restaurant ever!
   For one of the days, we ventured out to a water park called Water City; which we found out was up a mountain and we had to get a coach up there. The park itself was literally the best thing ever! I did go on a few rides including one called the Sidewinder with my auntie - The picture they took of us on it says it all. 

The Sidewinder

   The 11 days we spent there just flew by, and when it came to going home I didn't want to leave everyone and everything there. I experienced so many new things, and I even said to my auntie, just this trip alone has made me want to travel so much more. I did achieve a slight sun-kissed tan whilst being there, which is good for me considering I'd never been out in sun like that before. But I did also suffer from sun burn too, there was no escape from that. All in all it was an amazing holiday, and to have spent it with the people that mean the most to me made it even better. (And funnier, thanks to my uncle Glen)


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  1. Wow it looks lovely! Glad you had a good time x

    1. Aw thank you Mia! It was such an amazing holiday :)

      Meg xxx

  2. Wow! Wish I was there, the slides look so fun! :)

    Elsy xxx

    1. They were! It was so funny :)

      Meg xxx