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   Well this is just a little post before I go off to bed, but yesterday I took a trip to my favourite salon and had my hair dyed for my holiday next month. You might have read my post here where I talked about my previous blonde dip dye, and how I finally got rid of it. However the blonde made a return, and so I thought it was time to say goodbye once and for all. I decided to go slightly darker than my natural brown colour, since I thought this would keep the blonde away, as well as it being a little different for me. I also think the dark colour would look nice with a tan, that is if I can ever get a tan.

   When I was at the hairdressers, at first I loved it, but then once I got home I was scared it looked too dark for me - I even thought it looked black at one point. But all of my friends reassured me, and they said I really suited it. I also wore a bright red lipstick which complemented the colour really nicely, very 'Zooey Deschanel' according to one on my friends. I think every so often a change is good, and for me this darker colour is definitely a change I'm still getting used to. But overall I really love it and I'm enjoying being a brunette again! My hairdresser said it also made me look a little older, which actually felt great. Like I said, this is only a short little update from this weekend, so I shall have to end it here I'm afraid to say. But don't worry, I'll be seeing you next weekend, bye bye my lovelies!

New hair, same blouse.

If you could, what colour would you love to dye your hair?
Let me know...


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  1. It looks great! Much healthier, too!


    1. Thanks, I'm starting to really love this darker colour now! I also followed your blog on bloglovin'

      Meg xxx

  2. I really like it! Your friend was right, very Zooey Deschanel! And I love the walls of your room :) soo cool

    Do you have Google Friend Connect? Is there any way I can follow your blog without Bloglovin'? I really like it! :(

    Evie xx (Can you let me know on my blog a way for me to follow yours? I'll forget to come back haha!)

    1. Thank you so much Evie! I deleted my GFC since I thought it was ending, I've been trying to add the gadget back on, so if I manage to do it then I'll let you know definitely :)

      Meg xxx