Hello again, I guess it's been a week since last posting about my 'little' shopping weekend. But last weekend I also came out from the Carphone Warehouse with a new phone for myself. Since my contract was about to come to and end, my mum and dad thought they would try and swap my old and horrid Blackberry Torch. Even though it had been good to me for the past two years, it was definitely time to move on from my Blackberry, and at first I wanted an iPhone. I know some people are pretty divided on opinion with iPhones, but I just seemed to want one, however when I saw the offer on at Carphone Warehouse I would've been stupid to turn it down. I was pretty damn lucky because that weekend if you bought the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (The longest name for a phone ever), you would receive a FREE tablet with it! Of course I went with the offer, and I got myself a new phone and a tablet all in one, not bad.

   When we were finalising some details, my mum also bought some insurance for the phone; which she always does for me for some reason. The insurance costs nothing for the first two weeks, but then after that I think it costs £12.99 a month. The woman at the shop said that we could get it cheaper though if we looked around, which is what we're going to do I think. She also said that they had some new phone cases for my phone, so I had a little look and saw an amazing dip-dye style range. I thought I would go with the pink to be a little more feminine, but they also did purple and blue. It did cost £9.99 which is a little much, but my dad said he would treat me, so thanks dad! The colours of the actual phone and tablet I chose were white, but you can also get black in both of these, and red as well for the tablet. I really like the white colour because they just look more modern, and I didn't like the metallic back cover on the black version of the phone. 

   Honestly this phone is so good! It's obviously better than my old Blackberry, and it's much smaller than the Samsung S4 which looked huge in the shop (I struggled to hold it). Some of the things I love about the S4 Mini though are:
  • Variety of apps - I love the playstore on this phone, and I've even started using my social networking sites more because it's so much easier.
  • Camera - It has an amazing quality camera, as well as the front camera being just as good. I love filming videos, and using different settings on the camera like panorama.
  • Dropbox - This little app has saved my life this week, with me taking so many photos and videos, it just makes it easier to save them onto my computer and any other devices I have. This is just like another version of iCloud.
Some things I don't like about this phone though are:
  • Storage Space - I now have a microSD card from my old phone so I now have more room for photos, but I did run out of room for some reason. I don't know why, because it's supposed to have 8GB of memory I think.
  • Internet Speed - I've found out recently that without Wi-Fi some of my apps, like instagram or twitter, take a while to load or just don't refresh at all. I'm sure you can get better packages though with better internet.
  • Battery Life - With my Blackberry I usually found myself charging my phone every 3 days max. but for this I have to charge it everyday because I just seems to go so quickly. Turning down the screen's brightness helps save the battery though.

   The tablet is almost identical to the phone, with it having the same layout and style. On the tablet, I love to catch up on Youtube videos and any tv shows I've missed. I also love watching movies on the video player. The sound is actually better than my laptop too, so that makes watching videos even better. It's not as big as an iPad, but it't not too small either, making it perfect for me. I'm also looking into buying a cover for this, and I found some on Ebay for less than £5 in some bright summery colours. Like the phone though, the battery life isn't too great, and you do need Wi-Fi all the time for the internet and some apps to work. In all though, I love having this around when I just need to check something on google, or if I'm bored and just want to play a game. 

   I hope this little insight has helped you, perhaps if you're thinking about buying a new phone! Thank you for reading and I will see you again next week my lovelies, bye bye...


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