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   For once, this weekend was literally spent shopping for the whole Saturday and today, and for once I spent it productively. I got everything I wanted and some little treats that my mum said she would buy me, but some of this stuff is for my holiday too next month. I'll probably do another post for my holiday purchases, which I am a little behind on buying for, but for now this is what I came out with from this weekend.
WARNING: This post is seriously long.


1. Andrew Marc Sunglasses - £14.99
   I now have a new love for TK Maxx, as I have been before, but the one closest to me is usually pretty disappointing. However this time there was much more of a variety, and me and my mum were drawn to the sunglasses. I found the typical half-rimmed sunglasses that I usually go for, but this time I thought I would go for a different style. These ones are a vintagey nude colour, and they only slightly point up a little towards the top corners.

2. Small Tan Bag - £14.99
   For a while my go-to bag for casual days out has just been my brown satchel that I got about 2-3 years ago. Yes that long ago. But I saw this and just fell in love with it! It's slightly more of an orange tan, but I think that  looks really pretty in summer. On the front there's a gold switch, and then inside are three compartments. It's not too big or too small either, so I think it will be perfect to just carry around my things when I'm out and about. It was also supposed to be £25 so I saved £10. 


1. Strawberry Body Butter - £6.50  + Strawberry Eau de Toilette - £4.25
   Ok so the strawberry collection in Body Shop is my favourite out of all of the scents! And when I saw the display of strawberry products, and the half price sign, I couldn't have been happier. The body butters from here are to die for, they smell amazing and make my skin so soft. The perfume too is one of my new found loves this month. It's very sweet, so I wouldn't recommend this if your prefer more fresh or musky scents. But this is also quite concentrated, so even though the bottle looks small, you only need to spray once or twice to get the full scent. Overall I think they're great value for money, and this perfume just smells like strawberry laces, or something along that line anyway.

2. Oil Free Balancing Foundation - £7
   This was also on sale so I snapped it up straight away. On Friday night I did a little research on some foundations that suit oily skin, and I came across this one that some people had talked about. Some people also suggested a Revlon foundation, but because I was limited with money, I decided to go for the cheaper option like always. I also decided to go for colour number 2; which is actually a shade darker than the lightest one they do. I haven't tried this out yet since I only got it yesterday, but if you would like me to to do a review on this then let me know. Or if you have any questions on anything in this haul then feel free to ask! 


1. Spot Stress Control Moisturiser - £4.99
   Yes I went into Boots yet again, but no, I didn't actually spend that much surprisingly. I found this product over YouTube, and the video was all about ways of clearing up blackheads. Apparently you use this moisturiser every morning and night after cleansing, and it unclogs pores and keeps skin hydrated (Without the greasy residue; which is great for people with shiny skin like me!) I'm seriously hoping this will clear up the blackheads around my nose, because I've used pore strips before, however it's said that they don't actually get rid of the blackhead properly - And I totally agree.

2. Bio-Oil - £8.99
   Even though I don't like to admit it, I do have bad stretch marks around my hips and at the tops of my legs. I've had them for years, but because none of my friends seem to have them I don't talk about it. But I thought if other people are like me, then it's ok to talk about it, and it's normal for us growing teenagers. This oil is so good for clearing them up, but you have to use it religiously for three months to see any difference. Even though the oily texture might not appeal to you, just stick with it, and you'll be grateful. Apart from stretch marks though, you can also use it for blemishes or even just daily to keep skin hydrated.

3. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Instant Tan - £5.99  +  Soltan Applicator Mitt - £2.66
   This was actually bought by my lovely mum for me, since I complained to her recently that I just seem to stay the same pale colour all year round. And even though I think pale skin looks lovely, I just think I'd prefer a slight tan. This is why I only chose the lightest tan they had, as I only wanted a light glow. My mum also bought a mitt to apply it, and I'm really looking forward to using this. The only thing I would say is that the smell isn't too pleasant. Oh, and I also bought some exfoliating gloves really cheap for £1 from a shop called Body Care, but you can pick those up anywhere. 

4. Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder - £3.99
   This powder just takes me back to year 8, but back then I used the colour Sandstorm; which is probably a tad dark for me now. Obviously this is something that is loved in the world of beauty, and I decided to try Pink Blossom, rather than the usual transparent powder I usually get. It does have a slightly pale pink shimmer to it if you look closely, but nothing too drastic don't worry. Plus the whole 'stay matte' thing is perfect for shiny skin like mine yet again.


1. Fudge Urban Salt Spray - £3.47
   I know loads of brands today have there own version of salt pray, but I thought I would try this one out, since the bright orange packaging seriously stands out. This is also the same brand that makes the raspberry and vanilla hairspray that Zoella and Fleur have talked about recently, so it must be alright I suppose. So far though, I love the smell of it because it kinda smells like coconut, or the tropical dry shampoo from Batiste. 

2. Violet and Raspberry Impulse - 97p
   This was just a basic buy for me, but I thought I would try this new scent. It is a little strong for me personally but I will still use it, and for 97p I ain't complaining.

3. MUA Clear Coat - £1
   Again this was just another little basic purchase for me since I've ran out of my usual Barry M topcoat. I'm not particularly expecting great things from this due to the price, but I've heard good things about MUA nail polishes, so fingers crossed.

4. Barry M Gelly Nail Polish (Greenberry) - £3.99
   My friend Roslyn first got this not long ago, and I absolutely loved the aqua colour. These polishes are pretty hyped up as it is so I don't really need to go into depth, but I do love most of their brighter colours for summer, and I think this would look really nice on holiday with a tan!


1. Pastel Blue Skater Dress - £14.99
    I know I'm a little late on the skater dress / skirt trend, but this is just a lovely pastel blue colour, and I only own one dress if I'm honest. I'll be wearing this for a trip to the beach next Saturday, and if the weather is like it is today, this dress will be great for keeping me cool because it's only very light.


1. Zinc Retro Skateboard - £9.99
   This is probably my favourite purchase from today, and it's basically a much cheaper version of the penny boards that everyone seems to own now. I think it's supposed to be for young children, but it seems to be alright with me. It is a little random for me, but it's also something I really want to try and learn - My mum doesn't seem too keen though on it.

   And that's me done for this week! I did get a few other little things, but they aren't really that exciting. Like I said, if you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you want me to do a post on anything specifically from this haul then just let me know. See you soon lovelies...


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  1. Oh my gosh I feel like we have the same hand bag story haha. I've been using my brown satchel for at least 2 years and literally just ordered a new bag today! And btw you seriously look JUST LIKE Zoella, but I'm sure you get that a lot :) Would you mind checking out my blog? xx

    1. I know I was in desperate need of a new bag! Aw that's so sweet, thank you so much, that's a HUGE complement :) And thank you for the follow too, I'll be sure to check your blog out definitely!

      Meg xxx

  2. Love the nail polish colour! Following you on blog lovin' now!
    Fab blog!
    Alice xxx

    1. Thanks for the follow Alice! I was recommended this and love it, it's one of my favourites now for the summer :)
      Your blog is great too

      Meg xxx