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   Hello there my lovelies, I hope you're all enjoying the holidays so far! This week I thought I would have a go at another 'HOW TO' post, since my last one 'HOW TO: Marble Nails' seemed to go down pretty well. Coming up soon is my friend's birthday, and because she likes the tie dye rucksacks I make, she wanted me to tie dye something for her. I love doing DIY things like this, especially when it's clothing or accessories, since it makes the item more personal and unique. The method I use is also super cheap and easy, so if you would like to tie dye your own piece of clothing, here you go...

NOTE: Please make sure you do this outside or somewhere that you don't mind getting messy, e.g. Your garden like me. Also because you're handling dye, just in case, make sure you wear some old clothes.

An old bucket or mop bucket (Or just any old big container really)
Protective / Rubber Gloves
Measuring Jug
A white t-shirt
Fabric Dye
Rubber Bands

1. First off you'll need to fill up the bucket with 4-6 litres of warm water using the measuring jug - But I just usually go halfway with 5l.
2. Add 5 tablespoons of salt into the water, this helps the dye to actually stain the clothing, so when it's washed it doesn't fade as fast.

3. Next you'll be wanting to prepare the dye, and the one I'm using is a fabric dye by the brand Dylon in the UK. I get this from a store called Wilkinsons near me, and it only costs £2.99 each. Or you can order them online from their website here, or alternatively Ebay. The colours I'm using are the the ones left over from past tie dying; which are Intense Violet, Flamingo Pink and Ocean Blue. However, it turns out I had more purple so it basically turned out that colour.
4. But what you want to is fill up your measuring jug with 500ml of warm water, and add the sachet. You then stir the liquid until all the powder has dissolved.
5. After that you simply pour the dye into the bucket of salt water, and make sure everything is all mixed up. And that's your dye ready!

6. Now it's time to prepare the t-shirt, mine was a basic white t-shirt from Primark for £2, but any white cotton t-shirt is fine. For this I'm just using a simple generic tie dye pattern, but you can also go on YouTube and search for other ways to fold to create different effects. For mine though, all you have to do is place the shirt on a flat surface and pinch the centre. Then slowly start to turn your wrist clockwise, whilst still keeping hold of the centre. Keep going until you just have the edges of the shirt left - This may take a few attempts, it still does for me, but once you're there simply try and smooth round the edges. 

7. Next, get the rubber bands and tie them around the shirt. I start by securing them all the way around so the edges don't stick out. I then put them across in any direction, just making sure the t-shirt isn't going to come undone.
8. Once everything is secure, make sure you have some protective gloves on, just so the dye obviously doesn't stain your hands. And then you just want to place the shirt into the dye by holding it down for a minute or so - After a while it should just sink to the bottom. 
9. After this all you have to do is leave it in the bucket for 45 minutes, but still turning over the t-shirt every 15 minutes to make sure the dye is covering it all.
10. Then you're shirt is nearly ready, all you have to do is take it out and put it to the side, resting it on a plastic carrier bag or something. Then fill up the bucket again with 5l of warm water, this time without the salt. I also pour the old dye down the drain outside, but just in case you're mum's worrying, it's never stained the concrete in my garden as of yet.
11. All you have to do then is remove the rubber bands to reveal the pattern you've created, and place it in the bucket of clean water. This is just to rinse any excess dye, so move it around in an upwards and downwards motion.
12. Finally just to make sure the dye doesn't run anymore, and just because it feels better, simply wash the t-shirt in your washing machine on just a normal setting that you would for any cotton clothing. Or you can even wash it by pouring some washing powder / liquid in the bucket you're using.

Apologies for the awful lighting, it was getting pretty dark when I did this.
   And that is it! Once the t-shirt has dried you'll be left with a lovely tie dye shirt, that no one else has. I hope I've been thorough enough with my explanations, but if you do have a question feel free to ask below.  I actually really like writing these 'HOW TO' posts so if you want me to do anything else, let me know too, I'd be happy to try it out. Also, a big thanks to my little brother who helped me take these pictures, he's alright sometimes I suppose. And finally a big thank you to you for reading, and I shall see you very soon, bye bye...

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