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   Well hasn't this week been and eventful one for me. On Monday I was told that our drama production of Romeo and Juliet was to be cancelled due to there being not enough time; which I was pretty gutted about since I was going to play Juliet. But looking past that, a few good things did come out of this week:

1. I'm now a first aider as of today, despite the weird experience, it was undoubtedly a great thing to learn about.
2. Me and my friends have planned a trip to the beach (Hopefully it will be lovely and sunny) for my friend Beth's birthday - We're having a picnic, but I'm sure I'll post about that when the time comes.
3. This week my makeup brushes came through the post! And since I've made a few purchases in the brush department, I thought I would share with you what I decided to get...

   Obviously the Real Techniques brushes have been raved about for what seems like forever now, and so with all the fuss that was being made, I finally decided to get some of my own. However I did actually order these online, as I found them for only £17.85 which is better than paying £22.00 from Boots I suppose. I order them from here, and they also do free UK delivery too which is even better.

   I've been using them this week and so far they've not disappointed. They're definitely good basic brushes for anyone looking to start out on their brush collection, and I love how they come in a little carry case that's easy for travelling with. You can also tell they're good quality with how they look, feel and finish the skin. So just in case anyone is oblivious to Real Techniques, or if you're like me and was first a little confused with the types of brushes, then I shall give you a quick briefing on each.

1. This is the buffing brush, and is great for mineral foundation or just ordinary powder. It gives good coverage, and is also more precise than a normal powder brush. The hairs on the brush are quite stiff, but this just helps with the application I think.

2. This is the contour brush, and I'll give you three guesses to what this is used for. But to contour you can use a bronzer, and apply it to where the sun would naturally hit your face, or you can use this with a highlighter to give a softer finish.

3. This is the pointed foundation brush, and again it practically says what it's for. However some people might think it's too small for a full on coverage. And I would agree; which is why I only use this with liquid foundation to build up the coverage to how I like it. Personally I also like to use this under my eyes and around my nose. I sometimes also like to use this to blend my concealer under my eyes, whether that's what you can use for, I don't really know.

4. And lastly this is the detailer brush. I like to use this with my Benefit Boi ing concealer, but this is generally good to conceal smaller areas. It also says you can use this for lipstick too for a better and more detailed look.

   I also bought some cheap brushes recently from Elf Cosmetics, since I was originally going to buy some from MUA (And I still am) but saw another blogger talk about these, and she said good things. They're seriously cheap, but despite their prices, I seem to be liking them so far.

1. Now Real Techniques also do a stippling brush which is next on my hit list, as well as their powder brush. But to make do for now, I thought I would order this one from here since it was only £3.73. This was the most expensive out of the ones I bought, so you can see what I mean about them being seriously cheap! I use this brush for my everyday foundation, and I really love it. I used to just use my fingers, and I haven't really tried a sponge because it just doesn't appeal to me. Although that is just my opinion, and whatever you feel works is best.

2. This is basically a much cheaper version of the detailer brush from Real Techniques, since it was only £1.50, but you do get what you pay for with this brush. Personally, it's not terrible because it does apply relatively nicely, but I do find myself just going over the concealer with my finger. The brush itself is also really small, smaller than I expected actually. So I guess it's not amazing, but for the price I'm definitely not complaining. You can buy this from here. On the Elf website, there is also another concealer brush but it's a couple pound dearer This might be better quality, but I just decided to go with the cheapest one since it was my first time buying from this site.

3. This is just your basic brow brush, and it was only £1.50 again. Since I have quite nicely shaped eyebrows already, I don't really like to pluck them an awful lot, but I find this brush useful just to go over my eyebrows. Especially if there's any powder around my brows, and so it also gets rid of any of that. You can buy this brush from here.

4. I'm not going to lie, I was expecting way more from this brush, since it seemed all lovely and big online. When actually the brush is really small for my cheeks, and applies my blusher very direct, making it look very harsh. The bristles on the brush are also red which I really don't like, mostly because you can't really see the makeup product on the brush, and none of the others brushes are red so why's this one any different? Anyway this wasn't a great brush, but for £1.50, I ain't crying over it. You can see this online here.

5. For some reason I've never owned a pair of eyelash curlers, mostly because they scare me a little. But I thought I would order these, as they were only £1.50 yet again, and I guess they're just your basic curlers. I don't really have anything to compare them to, but so far they seem alright. You can buy these here if you wish.

...And that is that! They were my little brush purchases, and I will definitely be buying some more Real Techniques brushes when I have the money. I'd also definitely recommend Elf Cosmetics and The Hut, as they've been my new discoveries over the past couple of weeks.

   Before I go I would just like to direct you to the new look of my blog! It's a little different to what it used to look like, and I practically change the look of it every week. But I'd just like to know your thoughts on the new look?

Anyways that's me done for the week, I'm really excited for these next few weeks, and I can't wait to finish school. This year is certainly going to be exciting for me, and I can't wait! Cheerio...


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