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   Well another week has past us, and somehow it's Saturday already! This week has been so lovely, despite the exams at school, the sunny weather  has put me in a good mood. I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine as I am now in my garden; which is where I've pretty much spent the majority of my time this week. Hopefully this nice weather can last up until next weekend, since I'm going somewhere very exciting, but you shall hear about that next weekend - If I even have enough time. But onto this weeks post, and I thought I would take you through some skincare products that I like to use daily. Baring in mind I do have quite oily skin, so some of these products may not suit you, however I do have one or two for normal / dry skin. I don't like to discriminate against the other types.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Wash - £4 Asda (It's a little cheaper than Boots)
This is the face wash I use every day and every night to help clear up the oily skin around my nose more than anything. I first heard of this in a video by Tanya Burr, and she talked about the best products for different types of skin ( This has honestly been the best facial wash I have every used! And that is a big thing for me, since I can never find one suited to my skin. It's great for reducing the oil as well as leaving it really soft.

No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleanser - £9 Boots
This obviously isn't made for oily skin, instead it's for normal to dry skin. I have used this before, and at first I didn't understand the 'melting gel' concept. It sounds fancier than it actually is, but it did leave my skin fairly soft. I've also had the No.7 Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser before; which I actually found to be better than this, and it's for the same price. However the price is steep for a cleanser, specially if you're used to buying the basic brands like me.

Tea Tree Water from Lush - £7.25
You might have seen this already in my Lush post, but this is the toner I use, and it's just a generally good product. Apart from the pricing, it's really good to use after cleansing your face, or even just to cool your skin. I love the tea tree smell and I shall be re-purchasing after this bottle has run out. Although this is the biggest bottle they do, and I think it's going to last me a while. Considering I got this in Easter, I've hardly even hit the half way mark.

Simple Eye Make-Up Remover - £2.97 Asda
Personally I don't like to use anything harmful on my skin, so the Simple brand is great for that. I only like to use this at night with a cotton wool pad, and it's great for removing the mascara or eyeliner that I've been wearing without it irritating my eyes. Also if you do shop at Asda like me, they have offers on the simple range, I think it's 3 products for £6.

Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser - £4 Asda
Yet again another product from Tanya Burr's video, and yet again another Simple product (You'll soon see a pattern) Even though I do have oily skin, I still tend to get dry patches particularly around my forehead, and this is really good for that. On the back it says that it absorbs excess oil, helps reduce blemishes and mattifies all day long - Although I'm not so sure of that last one, I wouldn't say all day long. Generally though this is perfect for people with oily skin, but still want to moisturise regularly.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes - £2.97 Asda
I prefer using these wipes in the morning after using my cleanser, since it's easier and quicker to remove any make-up or dirt. Especially I you're like me, and is always too tired when getting ready before school, wipes are the easy option. They also do the Oil Balancing Facial Wipes for oily skin, but they had sold out when I went. Typical I know.

Simple Rich Moisturiser - £2.97 Asda
Before using the moisturiser I use now, I used this for a couple of weeks but found that it obviously wasn't suited to my skin. However for normal or dry skin, I'm sure this would be great for you. I think not only do I love Simple for the products, but also because it's affordable too.

   Well if you are reading, thank you for sticking with me through this post. I know it might seem super long, but I hope that if you do have a similar skin type to me, then some of these products can help you.

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  1. This post has inspired me to broaden my simple collection - I have oily skin too!
    I've nominated you for leibster, my latest post explains all.
    xx Natalie

    1. Thank you so much Natalie! Oily skin can be annoying at times, but I find these products really work for me. I'm glad to have helped, and I will be definitely following your blog too...

      Megan x x x