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   So I guess this post is a little late coming since Download was last weekend, but I still want to share how amazingly brilliant it was! We'd planned this for a few months before, since it was somewhere I really wanted to go for an early 16th birthday present (My actual birthday is in September, just in case you were wondering) So with my parents being as amazing as they are, they agreed and said that I could also bring my two besties along for the trip; which made the experience even more memorable.

   Onto Saturday morning, 5:00am to be exact. I woke up bright and early, and surprisingly I wasn't tired after having about 5 hours sleep. But this was my little morning routine from last week...

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Body Shop Lip Butter
Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder
Benefit Boi ing Concealer
Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick - 107
Rimmel Gel Eyeliner
Body Shop Blush - Coral (This is quite new, and I love it!)

   My outfit took many attempts to get right, but in the end I found a lovely dress from H&M for £15 I think. It's basically a purple and grey check shirt, but because it's long, you can wear it as dress. On me the dress came just above my knee, but I still wore some little shorts underneath because it was a little windy outside. I also wore my trusty denim jacket; which is also from H&M, but this time it's from the men's section for £20.

(From left to right)
Gold Cross Ring - £2 Dorothy Perkins
Nail Varnish - Navy Blue Barry M
Sunglasses - Ebay £2.99
Cherry Red Doc Martens + White cozy socks - Primark
Black headband/scarf - New Look £3.99

   After I had packed my essentials for the day and everyone had arrived, we set off and took our first stop to McDonalds for our breakfast. We then set off properly for Donington! When we got there the car park was pretty terrifying, with what seemed like a 1,000,000 cars and vans parked in a field. After the initial shock we finally made it, and the first thing I noticed were all the food stalls. Typical me I suppose.

   The first band we watched were Young Guns, and these were one of the main reasons I even wanted to come to Download. I'd seen them once before and loved them, and I still do after last weekend. We also watched other great bands like Motorhead, Alice in Chains (Which I admittedly liked live) and a small acoustic band called Straight lines. I'm afraid I can't really go into too much detail about the day, for the simple reason that it all seems like a bit of a blur now, and I can't describe it chronologically. But I do remember the acoustic band Straight Lines, and how they got the crowd to do the conga instead of a mosh pit.

Young Guns

   During the day, I also went on this swing ride thingy with my mum, whilst she also went on the stupidest theme park ride I'd ever seen. I did manage to film the experience, but I don't think she'd appreciate it being shared. All I can really say about it is that at one point, the ride was spinning upside down and stayed there for a good 5 seconds. Even the look of it made me feel a little sick, but my mum just couldn't resist being an adrenaline junkie and all.

   When it came nearly to the end of the day, we watched another band called Enter Shikari (Or if your my mum 'Enter Shakiri') I'd heard things about their live show and how amazing they are live, and bloody hell they weren't kidding. The light show was insane, and even my parents loved the rock / dubstep vibe. After Enter Shikari though, I did have a small moment were I thought I was having a minor panic attack. My breathing seemed to go all funny and it wasn't nice at all. Thank you to Roslyn for helping me with my breathing, I think I've grasped the technique now. I think it was just the amount of people there, and some of them scared me I ain't gonna lie.

Enter Shikari

   But anyway, after that we ran back to the main stage for the headliner of all headliners that is IRON MAIDEN. My dad did fangirl slightly inside I think. Despite the view we had at the back, it was amazing to witness the amount of people who had turned up to see them. And I just loved the fact that a band from the 1970's is still so popular. I'm so lucky to have seen them at the age I am, and with the whole day in general, it was an amazing experience that I will certainly never forget. A mahoosive thank you to my mum and dad, because I know how stressful it was to organise and how much they spent. I love them so much for what they did. 

Iron Maiden

The view was amazing

   Well that was extremely long, but all so worth it. Even though we only went for a day, it still seemed so long and I was still recovering on Thursday if I'm honest. But the experience of going to a festival was so worth it, there were the few odd people, but overall the people there were friendly and were obviously just there for the same reasons as everybody else - And that was to see their favourite bands.

   Anyways, after that long post I think that kinda makes up for me not writing about it last weekend when I should have. I don't really know how to end this now, but... wait for it.... I have some more pictures! These are just random ones that I didn't know where to put in this post. Thank you for reading once again, and I shall see you next weekend as always. Cheerio!

Me and my mama ft. Ellen in the back there


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